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  • PaulF
    If your friend is going to be a non UK resident then you could easily be liable for any income tax due from rental income unless an exemption has been obtained by him for you not to deduct tax.

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  • thesaint
    You simply sign on his behalf.
    Signed "N Griffiths" on behalf of the landlord "Mr Landlord".

    You can sign as his agent if you want.

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  • westminster
    Unless you'd like to take on the landlord's legal obligations in respect of the tenancy, then put your friend's name down as landlord on the contract.

    If you are going to act as agent on behalf of your friend-landlord, then you should put this agreement in writing. Be aware that you may, as agent, take on legal liabilities, not least, if you are the one who receives the tenant's deposit on behalf of the LL, and either you or LL fails to protect it and provide the prescribed information, then the T may claim 3x the value of the deposit from you, the agent.

    Supposedly helping out a friend could turn into a lot more than you anticipated.

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  • mariner
    Why cannot LL sign your form himself?

    Tech you are not his Agent as no business Contract exists between you & LL, just friendly help. IMO

    Also are you sure your AST format is valid. Best get it checked by solic specialising in LL&T Law or use NLA format.

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  • ngriffiths
    started a topic Helping a friend out - tenancy agreement advice

    Helping a friend out - tenancy agreement advice

    I've let my property out a few times now and have a tenancy agreement prepared. However, I've agreed to help a friend out and to check a new tenant in for him.

    My main thought/concern is amending the wording as I will be signing the tenancy on his behalf, but I know I still need to mention his contact details in there.

    For example, on page 1, my agreement says:

    This agreement is between ..... of....... (landlord) and ..... of ..... (tenant)

    Should I keep this as is, or is this agreement now between me as "agent, signing on behalf of the landlord" and tenant? Can I then simply insert the landlords details later in the agreement as the location to send Notices if required?

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    The property was inspected - although Covid has it effect - but the tenant is entitled to live as they wish during the tenancy. It only became a problem when they failed to bring the property back to the condition they took it in when they left.

    I was just amazed that they could so easily...
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    Just had tenants move out of a property after 2 years. Always paid on time, perfectly pleasant young family who have now bought their own home BUT:

    House was grimy - looks like they didn't clean properly in 2 years rather than anything overtly unpleasant
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    To be honest I picked that rule up on this forum - I've heard it over and over. I'm probably guilty of having repeated it myself! If an error gets repeated enough in a small community it becomes fact!...
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    I use a Letting Agent. Recently the tenants vacated, prior to the tenants leaving when the letting agent did an inspection they advised the tenants that the property would need cleaning before they vacated. The tenants have now left, the place does need a good clean, the Letting Agents have said that...
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    Haha, I might just try that one 😁. I hate housework....
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    I thought it would be our fault in some way....
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    There are those who follow Quintin Crisp: “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse.” Equally, there are those who are obsessive about cleaning. In the middle somewhere is a group who do not feel inclined to take great care of a rented...
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    There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and in some cases a significant number of people come to believe it. The bank.charges affair was a classic case. Another was the belief that landlord's were obliged to mitigate their loss when a tenant abandons property and owes rent....
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    Most likely, also depending on the age and sex of the children, they will need separate rooms eventually, so wont be a long term T. Get ready to serve notice. I would also check your insurance policy, as I renewed one of my policies recently, and I was just checking if they would still cover me if I...
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  • Tenant has moved partner in.
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    My tenant who is 4 months into her tenancy agreement has moved her partner in without permission and Im wondering can use this to issue a new tenancy agreement with his name on it. She isn't the easiest tenant and I would also like to add an agreement break to the new tenancy because of the difficulty...
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