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    Oh I've taken it on board and totally agree that I don't want a legal battle.

    I can see why you feel I've been hasty, and if it was a different point in the year/situation then I might not have been this hasty. However the Letting Agents knew I wanted to move in before Christmas, I explicitly told them this. I agree that the agent's are acting in a reasonable matter however it still doesn't resolve the situation of me now not being able to move in until January.

    In all fairness I've thought about this issue a great deal, and even when speaking to the Letting Agents I've made them aware I don't explicitly blame them however the situation is not acceptable one. The landlord speaks "broken English" according to the LA and seems very unsure how to proceed. I simply want closure on this matter, I cannot explain the stress it has put me under. I do really appreciate the comments and advice you have given on this situation...


      You don't explicitly blame the LA, yet accuse them of misrepresenting the property.
      LA has not prevented you from moving in - he gave you the keys and arranged for repairs asap!
      Your decision not to occupy.
      Did LA provide a copy of the pre-T inspection report with the keys, for you to check. That is the Ts recognised basis for property condition at start of T, modified by later nec repairs etc.
      Anyone BUYING a house takes on all the deficiencies present at the time Contracts are exchanged.
      The LL in me feels you signed in haste and now wish to withdraw (for minor problems). I think a Court would allow LL to claim 1-2 months rent as compensation for your breach of Contract to occupy avail vacant property.
      If work was such a problem, why did you not delay your search until Feb/Mar? Have you just moved out of another property? Why?


        Absolutely it's my decision not to occupy, however lets not forget the front door is insecure! Why should I move my property in when I know the door needs repairing. If anything was stolen I would be found to be negligent.

        The la/ll have not provided any pre tenancy check despite assuring me it was in the welcome pack.

        I had to move before Christmas for personal reasons not due to problems with previous ll or anything like that.


          I agree with buyer beware to an extent...

          But lets face it :

          Electrical ...Shower was unsafe
          Gas ... Fire has been isolated
          Water... Radiators and hot water tap
          Security ...Door is insecure

          I did not sign knowing these faults, if they had made me aware I would not have signed...


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            Hi There,

            I am planning to move out of a shared rental property in March. Foxtons, the agency managing the property want to charge me a £300 "Change of Occupancy" administration fee as we have not reached the full term of the tenancy. I realise that the fee covers both me leaving...
            23-01-2018, 13:16 PM
          • Reply to Erroneous Change Of Occupancy Fee
            Your information is severely deficient,
            Of course a move out inspection can be chargedeven with no move in report.
            You accepted LA fees by proceeding with Application.
            Deposit ADR cannot be used to contest Agency fees.
            24-01-2018, 02:53 AM
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            I posted recently about our tenant leaving and giving her ex the keys to our house, we have a court date of 4th January for which Im flying back to the UK to attend (no contact or rent received from the persons she has left in there still). I feel hes staying in there as long...
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            Thank you, Ill take a look!
            24-01-2018, 02:31 AM
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            HI - our boiler broke yesterday - our landlord is currently waiting for a quote for a new boiler - however one of the problems we have is that she lives abroad. It consequently means she's able to speak to people in the uk about any sort of business matter for 3 hours in the afternoon. I'm wondering...
            23-01-2018, 13:55 PM
          • Reply to Broken Boiler
            I live in the US at the moment, 7 hours behind the UK, yes its difficult BUT when my boiler broke I had someone out within 2 days, one thing she should have in place is a boiler cover or she should have tradesmen lined up who she trusts so if something goes wrong she can get in touch with them immediately,...
            24-01-2018, 02:29 AM
          • Section 8 notice served, what next
            Hi section 8 notice was served for rent arrears last wk, it doesn’t look like the tenant is going to pay , my question is what should I do next to prepare me for the court as I never been.

            I ve seen the post before abt the tenant may defend for disrepair, the house in fairly good condition...
            22-01-2018, 21:46 PM
          • Reply to Section 8 notice served, what next
            Hi - I attended court a few weeks ago, we used several grounds in the section 8, the mandatory one being the rent arrears, they didnt put a defence in, show up or pay so the judge just asked for proof I had served the section 8 (proof of postage receipts from the PO) and an up to date rent statement...
            24-01-2018, 02:24 AM
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            I'm new the forum and the UK and wonder if you can advise…
            I’ve recently moved to the UK from Canada and so I’m not sure of rights and liabilities... I moved into my flat a few months ago and caused a leak into the apartment below me by leaving the tap running in the bathroom...
            23-01-2018, 08:50 AM
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            T responsibility.
            24-01-2018, 02:13 AM