Tenants and bad repairs

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    Tenants and bad repairs

    Hello all,

    The following is a purely hypothetical question.

    If a tenant were to instruct a tradesman to conduct repairs on the property without the landlord's permission, and said repairs turned out to be substandard, what would the landlord's legal rights be? Specifically, it would be the responsibility of the tenant's to pursue any claims and damages, etcetera, but were they to try to abrogate that responsibility or leave the property as it is (in a less marketable state), what could the landlord do to retrieve any cost of bringing the property back up to scratch?

    Thanks in advance,


    If the T instructed repairs to installations falling under the LL's statutory responsibility (water, gas, electrics, fabric of building, etc)., then LL would be obliged to remedy any defects in the work but could claim the cost back either from the tradesperson or from the T, either via the deposit or through the courts if nec.
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      I think you need to establish whether the repairs were, as MTG says above, the LLs responsibility or not first.

      Assuming the T hasn't witheld rent in lieu of paying for the repairs.

      If the repairs were not the LLs responsibility then they persue the T for costs.

      If they were the LLs responsibility then the LL has to carryout the remedial works. I'd need more info as to the extent, nature and damage to decide if it is worth chasing T for any monies.
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