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    A question for the experienced landlords can they confirm that Dec is traditionally a slow month for lettings and generally what are the best seasons to be letting. For example if I was to buy a new property and renovate when would be a good time to start a let and not. Would help when trying to plan for another property purchase.


    Newbie landlord.


    December is regarded as a slow month by most of us. A regular point that comes up is that bailiffs will not evict anyone between about 15th Dec. and 4th January. Most people do not want to move during the holiday period.

    Can't help with the best time to start a let.
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      I would agree that December is a slow month. Couples try and stay together for the sake of the kids at Christmas, then they get drunk over the New Year and bust up. I find my phone is quite busy by mid-January.

      Also September is quite busy after the summer holiday has ended couples get into their old routines and rows and part company.

      I'm not saying it's mad busy but over the years I have come to expect more enquiries at these two times.


        March/April are busy with people wanting to move to their new home before summer.
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          And students are looking any time from October onwards for the next summer!
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            I agree it can be hell to move at this time of year as I have personally done it twice. One time was three days before chrimble and another in the snow on 3rd of January. Neither times were particularly pleasant but given that my LLs were selling up and had served me with S21s I had to move*.

            Yes it is slow through the coldest times of the year but there will still be Ts looking and needing homes to live in.

            *Yes I know that legally I did not have to move at the expiration of the S21s I am not one to force LLs into taking court action.
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              Thanks for the helpful advise so far.


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