am I being too 'contractual' in my approach?

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  • JK0
    Quite right I think. Might be a good plan to keep an eye on your tenant's decorating. I don't let mine any more. The one time I did, they just painted the walls where they didn't have furniture!

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  • cheeky_chappie
    started a topic am I being too 'contractual' in my approach?

    am I being too 'contractual' in my approach?

    i'm a lovely chap, no honestly i am however in my 9-5 i have to be very structured/formal in many of my communications and work processes i.e. i can rarely simply say 'yes' to something, i am required to say 'yes assuming criteria x,y,z are met ...' to ensure all parties are protected including myself!

    i have 1 x property that i rent out and in my relationship with the neighbours (it's a block of 4 flats) and the tenant i tend to be quite formal/contractual in my approach. couple of examples:

    1. when work requires to be carried out on the block i am happy to pay my 1/4 share however i always request to see a copy of the quote from the tradesman/company prior to handing over £x followed by a copy of the invoice receipt. this has caused issues in the past with one of the residents writing to me (via my agent) saying i 'evidently didn't trust them' to which i replied it was nothing to do with trust, simply a process i am more comfortable following as it's a business venture for me, tax purposes etc etc. and of course i'm not going to hand over £x to a virtual stranger every few months simply because he/she advises work needs done on the block. a few weeks back i was asked (via my agent, all comms go via them) for £25 which i offered without question assuming above process was followed. i didn't hear back so i'm assuming the residents have thought 'too much hassle' and paid my share themselves.

    2. my tenant asked if she could redecorate. i advised yes with a few stipualtions e.g. all costs to be met by her inclusive of any damage repair costs that occurred as part of the works e.g. plaster falling off wall that she (or designate tradesman) was scraping.

    don't get me wrong, when i see my agent/tenant face to face i don't speak/act like a solicitor, i chat away, have a laugh etc, however when down to the specifics i like to be more formal in my approach. am i wrong?

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