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  • Inventory - How much detail is required?


    I'm a tenant and a hairline crack has appeared in my toilet bowl. It was a new toilet when I moved in, but I'm 100% sure I have not caused this. I assume it happened during manufacturing or fitting and has only become visable now that dirt has got into it. It is causing me no problems, I'm just worried my LL might deduct the cost of a new toilet from my deposit when I leave.

    I have an inventory, but did not note this because at the time I could not see it. The inventory only says "Three piece suite in white". Is does not mention the condition at all. Because it was all new is it just assumed that everything was perfect without it explicitly saying so? If the inventory does not mention a crack is it assumed there was not one and therefore the LL can blame me? Or does the fact it does not mention the condition mean he does not have a leg to stand on?

    Can the LL deduct the cost of a new toilet from my deposit? Is it even possible to cause a hairline crack in a toilet or is it always a manufacturing fault?

    Sorry for all the questions! Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    It is quite possible this is a manufacturing or installation problem and it could be that the fault revealed itself after the inventory check (or if minute could have been missed)

    Is the make of the WC Suite clearly visible? If you are unhappy contacting the landlord at this stage you could contact the manufacturer instead.

    Explain the situation stating that in your view the problem could be a manufacturing fault as you have done nothing to cause the hairline fracture.

    It would be helpful if you enclosed or (attached if an email) a digital image of the hairline.
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      yeah if it's new, some warranty must be in effect.

      However you don't have the receipt...

      I can imagine -

      installer/manufacturer: " so you don't have a receipt, and you think it was our toilet? Let me see...... hmmm, definitely not one of ours. Good luck."


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