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    11 days without key

    Dear Everybody, please help me, I am in big trouble now.

    My ex Landlady is hold back one part of mydeposit, because we have some propblem with eachother. The agent backdated this contract from 25th June 2011, because from this date was empty this flat. We could not to move out from other house earlier then 09th July 2011. To this date gave me off day my employer.
    I said this to agent, and I asked my money back. He said can not give back my money ( nothing, not just admin fee.. he hold my all money), I made the cry and signed this contract, because this money was my all money.

    We signed this contract on 27th June 2011, but agent did not give to us key then, only on 05th 07 2011, 11 days later. So we paid from 25th 07 2011 to 05th July 2011 for nothing, however we can not to use the flat without key.

    The first 11 days rent was just gift to my ex Landlady. It is going by Law really in here?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Originally posted by Bessy View Post
    We signed this contract on 27th June 2011, but agent did not give to us key then, only on 05th 07 2011, 11 days later. So we paid from 25th 07 2011 to 05th July 2011 for nothing, however we can not to use the flat without key.
    Well, firstly you certainly shouldn't be charged for the period 25-27 June - that's backdated and clearly not reasonable.

    If the agent had wanted you to start the contract on 27 June he should certainly have given you the key then; if he refused to let you have it until 5 July then again, it wouldn't be reasonable for him to be charging you for that period either. Is that what happened though? Could you have collected the key before 5 July? If so, I'd say that situation is different. The agent has no obligation to keep the new property empty and not earning rent until you are ready to move in; just as you had no obligation to sign it for earlier than ideally you needed.


      Originally posted by Ericthelobster View Post
      Could you have collected the key before 5 July?
      That is an important question that will need answering.


        Originally posted by Bessy View Post
        My ex Landlady is hold back one part of my deposit, because we have some problem with each other.
        What is the problem? Why is she holding back part of the deposit?

        And are you saying that you want a refund of 11 days rent, and she is refusing?


          I don't want to sign from earlier date, I asked back my money, but he said, is it impossible, my all money will be lost, if I don't want to signe. I was scared, and signed the contract.

          I am so said. I don't know what can I do now.


            We can't help you if you don't answer our questions.


              Our last month was September 2012,in this month I paid to her only 9 days, because earlier I paid more 11 days.She disaggree this, she think I need to pay from that day, when her flat was available. If I could not to move, it was may problem only.

              I want back my all deposit, it was 2007.00 Pounds.
              She sent to my bank account 1501.00 Pounds, and she waiting for my I am so sorry email for everything
              Of course... they forgot to fix lot of broken items, just changed tap in the kitchen. More time asked about Landlord certificate... answer was next: everything is good working.

              Now I tried to found my deposit, but without DCM number it is not going easy. Mydeposit officer said, they never not listened nothing about my name, about my son's name and about this address.


                I am so sorry, I try to answer.
                She holding part of deposit, this part is 506.00 Pounds.


                  Can you tell us if the agent said that you could move in on the 27th of June but you decided to move in on the 5th of July?

                  Have you been given the number and forgotten/lost it, or were you never given it?

                  There are 3 deposit companies, have you checked with them all?


                    Originally posted by Bessy View Post
                    Our last month was September 2012,in this month I paid to her only 9 days, because earlier I paid more 11 days.
                    But there are 30 or 31 days in a calendar month, not 20.

                    Was the rent payable monthly? If so, what day of the month?

                    How long was the fixed term?

                    What date did you give notice to leave?

                    What date did you leave?

                    What date did you pay the 9 days rent?


                      Not allowed it the agent, on 5th we gave to him the last two papers, and after this he get the key to my son.
                      Two last papers were Consent Form, one is with my signature and other is with my son's signature.


                        This tenancy agrement started on paper 25th June 2011, but payment day was 09th day in every month.
                        It was one year contract, and we want to moved out on 07th July 2012. But the end of June we poorly choosen. We found better house in Chingford, but this agency, {Mod - name removed} is a fake agency, the owner is stolen my money, I found lot of victims in this case, we have PC number in this case, Police is inevestigating alredy...so it is other case now.

                        Now the first my deposit and my earlier paid rent. When the new landlord has refeused the contract, we can not to move out our current flat, but we asked about is Housing Advice in Waltham Forest. They said, if we moving out, they can not help us.
                        The agency and the Landlady want more rent, they said, if we will pay more... we can stay there. They want 1650 Pound/ month. Current rent was 1480/month, and the new contract admin fee is +200 Pounds.
                        We not accepted this offer. The Landlady did not give notice and I did not give notice.
                        It was monthly renewable contract, Housing Advice officer said this to me. I said to my Landlady, if she want to give me the notice, it is ok, but the notice is a piece of paper, not email or text message by phone. Namely she thought, her email or her textmessage was the notice.
                        Housing Advice officer laughed it and me too, because I am scared of her.

                        At the end of August I said to her, we will moved out from flat until 09th October 2012. She asked , when we can move out earlier?
                        I answered to her, if I find flat or house earlier, we can move earlier. She said, ok.

                        So we found flat 19th September 2012, and 10 days later we moved out from London to Edinurgh. We need 10 days to finish our live in London.
                        From 10th September 2012 to 29th September 2012 have 20 days, therefore I paid 20 days only in September.

                        When we moved out, Landlady's husband checked the flat. He said, everything is fine. Two months later ... I can not give back your deposit, because my nice chair was broken, flat was dirty... and she want full month rent to September and 19 days rent to.

                        Then I wrote to Housing Advice again, what can I do now.
                        Two weeks later the agent wrote an email to me, Landlady is doesn't know my bank account number, and she can not send back my deposit.
                        I sent to her my details, and she sent me 1501.00 Pounds one week ago,and she is waiting my Im am so sorry email.

                        So I don't know, which is the next step.

                        I try to found my deposit, and an officer don't found nothing with us name with the address of this flat.

                        Thank you for your patience.


                          Yes, I know, it is not Court and Legal Advice. But first I try to found some help, how can I finish this case.


                            We moved out on 29th September 2012, on this day her husband checked the flat, he said, everything ok. Two months later , oh no... flat was dirty, chair was broken... etc... she stopped everything.

                            I wrote to Housing Advice, and asked some help. After that she paid back 1501 Pounds from 2007 Pounds.

                            Now I try to give back the rest.
                            She think, this 11 days rent is her "gift".


                              I know, calendar month is 30, 31 and once a year 28 or 29 days long.

                              We paid monthly, rent was 1480.00 Pounds.

                              It was fixed term, one year, but the end we moved out later, because we lost our all money by {Mod - name removed}, but this is another story.

                              I did not give notice, because Housing Advice officer said, if I give nootice, they can not help to us.

                              My ex Landlady did not give notice too, but sometimes she thought that... she sent to me test message and email about notice.
                              Notice is a piece of paper, what is show the last day, when we need to move out.
                              I did not have notice from her never.

                              I leave this flat on 29th September 2012.

                              This 9 day rent was my Housing Benefit, but this money went to her bank account. She want this from since, then my Housing Benefit restarted afain.
                              Some circumstences has changed in September... my partner lost his job, one week later left me... my son moved out, and council is paid Housing benefit on last day of current rent period.
                              In may case last day was 29th September, and council paid the last part in between of October.


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