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    Originally posted by Mrs Mug View Post
    Just a quick check.

    Do you have a mortgage for this property? If yes, does your lender allow you to rent to LHA tenants? See the link below.


    Also does your landlords insurance allow you to rent to LHA tenants?
    good point. I will double check the small print on the mortgage, but I think we can.
    We specifically chose LHA T's on the landlord insurance it added about £20 to the cost.

    Originally posted by daveg View Post
    Please take your time finding a tenant and do not take someone that is not ideal because they can move in quickly.

    I would spend £100ish in one of the online agents that will get you on the big sites like rightmove. I have used upad and found them very good but I am aware of others that are cheaper. You could have you details online tonight. Give it a few days and see what response you get.

    If you have a good property priced correctly I dont think you will have a problem finding a really good tenant.

    Edit just seen Mrs Mugs comment - you will probably get your £100 back if you let to working tenants because your LL insurance will be much cheaper.
    yes have used uPad before with good results.
    Thanks for your opinion...



      This is worth looking at - expands on some of the points already made, and some new ones:-



        Thanks, much appreciated.
        Funnily enough I happened across that link when researching.


          Originally posted by Kwaka View Post
          I wonder if I could ask for some further opinion.//

          //I asked the T for a guarantor and some bank statements, but the local housing resourcing officer then rang to explain that the tenant doesn't have anyone to act as guarantor and that they are providing a bond and paying rent directly for her which should be sufficient for me.
          So for those people accepting LHA T's is this the norm, and considered acceptable?//

          //Any other questions I should be asking?
          Ask the resourcing officer if they are willing to act as a personal guarantor if this is such a sure thing.

          Then tell them to flip the flip off and find some other mug (to misquote Malcolm Tucker).
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            Originally posted by boletus View Post
            Then tell them to flip the flip off and find some other mug (to misquote Malcolm Tucker).
            I will pass on your kind message.


              For this exercise you will need the following equipment.......

              Bargepole (long) for the use of.
              I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


                Agreed - seems like an added risk for no added benefit. Advertise it elsewhere and let someone else take the risk with this Tenant (IMO)


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