Landlord will not return securing deposit before we move in - Help required

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    Landlord will not return securing deposit before we move in - Help required

    We were looking to move into a property and paid a deposit of £650 on the 1/12/12

    The landlord has started to become a problem and is saying that we need to pay £500 to put blinds into the property as he will not allow us to put our own fixtures up etc. This is something we can not afford and do not want to do.

    We have now told him that we want our deposit back but he is saying that its not possible.

    The only piece of paper we have signed goes like this:

    I (the landlord) have take receipt of the deposit, £650, in order to secure the property.

    This £650 will now be placed into a deposit protection scheme, the details of which will be supplied to you, the tenant before the end of December 2012.

    Any help / advice appreciated! - Sorry if its in the wrong forum.

    It sounds like you suggested you put up your own blinds, but would be removing them when you leave, didn't you?

    The landlord then said he would do it, but would charge you for the blinds?

    Why not compromise and suggest you pay 50% of the blinds cost. Then landlord will have the benefit of the blinds for the next tenant, and you won't have to pay for blinds that won't fit elsewhere.


      Sorry, Bad explanation.
      The landlord will ONLY put up blinds supplied by his "mate" at a cost of £500 to us. If we chose not to do that he will not allow us to put any window fixtures up, ie curtains, net curtains as its not the "right look for the house" If we do he will not return the £650 deposit.
      He only told us this 4 days after putting a deposit down on the property to secure it so he didn't give it to some one else.


        The guy sounds a bit of an idiot if he won't compromise. Surely any tenant will require something at the window?

        I still suggest you try to compromise at 50%.


          Thanks JK0, we have already tried this, and also offered to put nets up on spring loaded poles until we can afford it but he insists on getting the extra £500 off us before we move in and we are starting to feel bullied by this and also scammed out of our £650.
          We are due out of our current rent by the 19th of this month so are starting to panic a bit as the £650 was almost all of our savings.


            Tell him that you don't require any blinds.
            Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


              Originally posted by thesaint View Post
              Tell him that you don't require any blinds.
              We have, But he advised that we can not put up our own curtains, net curtains etc. If he finds we have then he will withhold the £650

              I'm tempted to move in and not pay rent for a few months then i'm £1300 up!


                I think thesaint's idea is a good one. As long as the place is returned in the same state, (and there aren't screw holes where you have installed blinds) he won't be able to withhold your deposit.


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