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  • House sitters?

    Does anybody know anything about doing this or have any experience with it? We are going to be away for several weeks later this year and am rather than leaving our home empty (and putting the dog and cat into kennels at huge cost!) we are tentatively considering looking for a house sitter, who would keep the house 'lived in', as well as care for the animals.

    I know there are professional organisations who will provide a housesitter, but at massive cost, as the individual concerned does it as a job (and the agency gets paid too of course).

    If we were to source our own 'sitter' I suppose it would be a case of formally letting our property as a holiday let...?

    Any thoughts on this welcome.

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    No neighbours who would do it for you?
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      I usually ask friends if they know any responsible people who would like to do it. I have never had problems in finding them this way. I always draw up a list of things that need to be doen while we are away as well as how things work and when and how to feed the animals. Lists of contacts in emergency situations is also included. Never had a problem yet.


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        Originally posted by Ericthelobster View Post

        If we were to source our own 'sitter' I suppose it would be a case of formally letting our property as a holiday let...?

        Are you worried they might never quit your lovely house when you return?

        At the very most they would be licencees (like lodgers) without any protection; you could get rid as soon as your return as they have few rights.

        I wouldn't call it a holiday let if it isn't. You could draw up an agreement of everything they are expected to do regarding the property, this could include any renumeration, the dates of the period, what happens if you return prematurely, your right to enter the house at any time, in case of emergencys etc, vistors allowed in your absence etc
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