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    Flatshare leasing question

    Hi everyone.

    Here is my problem:

    I'm currently a tenant in a 3 bedroom flat. When I first moved into this flatshare I didn't have to sign any contract.
    My flatmate (the one who I'm paying the rent to) is the one who renting the whole flat (and he pays the whole amount to the LandLord).

    At first I wasn't really confident to not sending the rent directly to the landlord but to my flatmate instead...he seemed a nice guy so I didn't ask any further questions..

    Today I have asked my flatmate to give the number of the landlord in case one day I have a problem or anything.. And he told me that:

    "My name was not on the lease so I was not allowed to call the landlord directly"

    SO my question is: Is it true? am I not allowed to call the landlord?

    and my other question is: Is it legal of me sending the rent to the tenant and not the landlord directly?

    Thanks in advance for helping to answer my questions.

    You are probably your flat mates lodger rather than a tenant.


      So what does that mean. I do not have the right to call the LandLord?


        He dosen;t have to give you LL details, your contract (verbal, but a contract) is with him not the landlord/owner. The person you call "flatmate" is your landlord.

        Nothing to stop you spending £3 with landregistry & looking up who owns the place..

        I'd suspect owner/landlord does not know you are there as a lodger.

        I'm sure you appreciate that a lodger can be evicted after "reasonable notice" and no court order is required: Do you have somewhere else to sleep after he boots you out (unfair, but that's the law...)

        If you want to be nasty then ask the bloke you pay money to is he is declaring his rental income...

        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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          First of all, the notice isn't valid.
          It's not going to be possible for the agent or landlord to serve you a no fault (section 21) notice without returning your deposit to you first.
          There's no need for you to tell them this and you can safely ignore the notice that they sent you.
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          Counterclaim for the cost of disposal, even if it's just £50
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