Formal Request for information regarding ex tenant

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    Formal Request for information regarding ex tenant

    I have a tenant who has left owing debts. I have had several visits from baliffs/debt collectors etc.

    I have now received a letter from the council quoting regulation 3 council tax (administration & enforcement) regulations 1992 asking me to supply information relating to her including mobile number etc.

    I am quite happy to supply the information i have, which isn't much, but i just want to check that i am not leaving myself open to any claim against me by the ex-tenant regarding data protection or some such thing.


    You should be ok if it is an official request, the council and police are exempt from data protection rules I believe, as are HMRC.

    More information and a list of exemptions is here:
    My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


      Information from residents, etc.

      3.—(1) A person who appears to a billing authority to be a resident, owner or managing agent of a particular dwelling shall supply to the authority such information as fulfils the following conditions—

      (a)it is in the possession or control of the person concerned;

      (b)the authority requests (by notice given in writing) the person concerned to supply it; and

      (c)it is requested by the authority for the purposes of identifying the person who, in respect of any period specified in the notice, is the liable person in relation to the dwelling.

      (2) A person on whom such a notice as is mentioned in paragraph (1) is served shall supply the information so requested—

      (a)within the period of 21 days beginning on the day on which the notice was served; and

      (b)if the authority so requires, in the form specified in the request.

      (3) In paragraph (1)—

      (a)“managing agent” means any person authorised to arrange lettings of the dwelling concerned; and

      (b)the reference to the liable person is a reference to a person who is liable (whether solely or jointly and severally) to pay to a billing authority, in respect of a particular dwelling, an amount in respect of council tax; and includes a reference to a person who in the opinion of the authority will be so liable
      Seems that you don't have much of a choice.
      In addition, if you do not play ball the council may just decide to go after you for the unpaid council tax...


        Just send the details. Official or not.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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