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    Tenant damage

    I have a tenant who, through carelessness rather than anything else, has caused quite a bit of damage and my property that was immaculate a couple of years ago is now not in a very good condition. I haven't asked her to leave before as she seems to be quite a vulnerable adult. I know she has people helping her out as i have been phoned before by people from the local authority mental health team about various bits and piece over the last couple of years.

    Recently her benefits were suspended and so she paid me £1000 and now they have been reinstated and i will pay her back what she paid me once i get a cheque from the local authority.

    However, she has now asked to leave the property and want's to arrange a check out etc. I have done several repairs for her over the last couple of years and told her she would be liable for them and initially kept the receipts and planned to charge her out of her deposit rather than ask her to pay immediately. However i am now concerned, having been there recently, that her deposit will not be enought to put the property right after she has left.

    Can i retain some of the money she has requested back and provide receipts for the work done?

    I am worried that she will not attempt to clean the property or repair any damage before she goes and i will be seriously out of pocket.

    I am also mindfull that i do not want to take advantage of her at all or her situation. I think all the letters i receive from her are written for her. Once she's gone if i write to her asking for payment for any additional work over her deposit value i don't hold much hope of it being answered.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At the moment i plan to go and have a chat to her next week and express my concerns and see what seh says about putting things right before she leaves.

    Have you got the deposit in a scheme?
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