Tenants Rights when not on Lease?

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    Tenants Rights when not on Lease?

    Hi all

    Situ: 4 Original Lease Holders in a 4 bdrm flat.

    We are in a situation now where 3 of the 4 original leasees have now moved out (all in the last 5 months). Their rooms have just been passed on to new people (always friends/people they knew), whom just passed the deposit money on, and started paying rent (a BT to the Agency's Acc)

    The last of the original 4 is about to move out.

    Now the flat before the original 4 moved in was horrific I'm told - it was uninhabited for 2 years. I have no doubt that whatever they did to make it liveable was up to standards and codes etc.

    But the flat now, isn't in good condition. The lino needs replacing (ripped, coming away, grotty), the Stove seals don't work, neither do the window seals (only 1 window opens, the rest are locked with no key, or lack a handle). The extractor doesn't work. Some of the floorboards depress by up to 2cm when walking on them (at the edges, not in the middle, a tripping hazard in my opinion). The two disused chimneys aren't sealed, and all day long little rocks and bits of crud fall down and spray out onto the floor. The doors never closed properly, needed a carpenter flatmate to adjust them to work. The living room lights never worked (we use lamps))

    So recently, the upstairs flat had bad plumbing issues. 3 times this has caused us disruptions. All three times, water came in down the ceiling and walls, ruined the walls and stained couches, rugs etc. The decorated it poorly (through contractors all this work I might add) and the new wall[paper just fell off (big gap in the WP now showing wet stains). The second time, water started dripping from the light fittings, the ceiling got badly stained, and we were told someone would come round to decorate it. They haven't.

    Now, another problem with upstairs leaking, again staining everything and soaking into our NEW couch etc, and it has shorted out the lights (5 days after fixing the leak, and the short still exists)

    Now, we have been paying rent here for 5 months, and others before us longer than that - the agency have been told of some but not all of the problems (there are more but I digress...), but everyone has always paid the full amount of rent, and on time.

    Now that they are coming round to see all the problems, they also want to get the 3 newies onto a brand new lease. They also in the email mentioned 'Rent-review'.

    What rights do we have, as timely and full paying tenants that aren't on the lease? They put the rent up already this year, but on the existing lease.

    If they try to drastically increase the rent, on the basis that they fix the place up to be liveable again - do we have ANY rights at all?

    Just a bit unsure..


    You need to confirm that you are in England or Wales, and if not where. (some of your wording suggests you could be elsewhere.)

    Also do you have a joint tenancy where all the tenants originally signed one agreement, or is there one separate agreement per room?

    If you area in england, was the original deposit protected in a scheme? Do you have details of the scheme?

    Did your agent approve of new tenants taking over. Did they know about it?

    Under english law, tenants have rights and landlords responsibilities; to repair by the LL and over how a rent increase is implemented. Also if the deposit is not protected your landlord can be in trouble. The shelter website can explain your rights to you well.


    Your local council will also come out to inspect your property and make the LL repair it if it is in poor condition.
    All posts in good faith, but do not rely on them

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    You can search the forums here:


      The My deposits website has good information on the landlords responsibility to protect deposits etc and info for tenants www.mydeposits.co.uk


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