tenant using ID for club books

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    tenant using ID for club books

    any help appreciated

    tenant has been using my ID to obtain club books and ordering items in my name

    have obtained experian report showing 10 club books and have handed it over to their fraud dept to sort from that end

    regard the tenancy is there any grounds to serve a section 8 or is there a quicker way to end the tenancy ? or do i serve a section 21 and wait 2 months ?


    Club books?


      Sorry, I had someone try-but-fail to do this. Sympathy.

      Contact these guys if not done so already...

      I'd (sorry to be gloomy..) assume he's maybe done other stuff - Credit card, bank account, mortgage or tried to sell the place. Do you have multiple names/addresses for the property lodged with Land Registry??? Contact LR & do so if not already..

      In your shoes I'd visit plod & report (get crime reference number) fraud etc... I'd probably write T a calm & polite letter enquiring if he has any idea why these accounts have been opened.. (but maybe not advisable,.,... )

      I'd issue S8 & S21 and pursue with all enthusiasm ... Unlikely to get PO with G8 but you just might if he doesn't turn up to defend, especially if there are other breaches - late with rent, noise, whatever..

      Quickest way?? Bribery, but not so it looks like harassment...

      What an a******le....
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        As Artful says, report this to police asap.


          How do you know it was tenant ?


            Originally posted by Ericthelobster View Post
            Club books?
            Mail order catalogues Eric, you know ... Kays, Marshal Wards, Freemans, Littlewoods (other good mail order companies available) I must be showing my age ... as that is what we always used to know them as, back when my mum used to have the Grattan catalogue!


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              by DoricPixie
              Much like your tenants then

              It depends on your target market and the area you’re buying in. If you want to purchase in a city centre because that would suit your target market than generally means flats which are leasehold in England and Wales....
              22-01-2022, 08:17 AM
            • Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by AVJ113
              Hello all, I am a prospective landlord. I will be arranging my first mortgage in principle today as a start to my evil buy-to-let empire. As a total newb, what would be the one piece of advice you would give after your years of experience as a landlord?
              20-01-2022, 07:24 AM
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              by DoricPixie
              There is no defence against a correctly issued Section 21 so providing all the paper work is in order should this go to court your landlord will be granted a possession order. You can use the link below to find out if any Section 21 is valid.

              22-01-2022, 08:05 AM
            • Cheapskate landlord wants to end tenancy
              by Lucylou99
              Hi just after some advice. I have been renting the property for 4.5 years, 4 of those with a fantastic landlord and 6 months with a new landlord. When he took over he immediately increased the rent by 25%, annoying but perfectly within his rights. The main issue is maintainance and repairs. I cant report...
              21-01-2022, 22:11 PM
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              by jpucng62
              Reading between the lines, you had a good deal with the last LL in return for not doing too much to the property and the new LL has bought the property with a view to making more money than the last LL. The new LL may well be planning to evict you, do the property up & relet at a higher rent and...
              22-01-2022, 08:04 AM
            • Reply to How to track down landlord
              by Luke
              He may be abroad , maybe working abroad and unable to currently return to the U.K ?
              22-01-2022, 07:58 AM
            • How to track down landlord
              by kelbol
              Next door property is being rented out and had the roof redone. Mine got damaged in the process.
              I'd like to contact the landlord/owner of the property next door to let him know and get his roofers back but I don't have his contact details.
              He's British but lives abroad. The phone number...
              21-01-2022, 20:27 PM
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              by jpucng62
              I do think its tough that the cost of the NHS & Social Care is being shovelled onto the young, when those who are closer to needing care may pay nothing at all. The cost is huge and we need to spread it amongst as many people as possible.

              On the other hand if the Govt stopped wasting...
              22-01-2022, 07:53 AM
            • Labour taxation plans
              by steaming
              Rachel Reeves R4 this am told the interviewer that Labour (when in power) would raise money by taxing those with BTL property much more than at present, she opined it was wrong that “they” were “getting away with it”. No challenge from BBC or fact check as to present tax. You are warned.
              20-01-2022, 16:55 PM
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              by alex1
              (Minor point: I believe the rate will be 1.25%, not 1.5%.)

              My understanding is that there will be an equivalent rise in the tax rate for income from dividends, so shareholders will pay (and it will also avoid the tricks people who own their own companies use to masquerade income as dividends)....
              22-01-2022, 03:51 AM