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    Damage by tenant


    Needed some advice. I bought a new property 7 years ago. Rented out furnished 6 years ago (so essentially still brand new as i hadnt stayed there much) and the same tenant has been in it since. She has just moved out last week due to financial problems. Unfortunately, the final month of rent was paid by the deposit as she claimed she had no money. I agreed, as there was a risk she may not pay at all.

    Anyway, there is some damage to the property including staining of carpets, broken letterbox, cracked bath panel, broken shower head holder, broken door handles, various dents and deep scratches on walls, completely scaled shower tray, missing keys, dismantled beds.

    I've had some quoteS to sort out the above, and theyre generally coming to around £500, inc reassembly of bed. I just wanted to know what is considered wear and tear and what would be considered appropriate to charge in full. I feel that things like carpets may be wear and tear, but breakages should be paid for by them.

    I would be very grateful for any guidance.

    Thanks in advance

    After six years I would write off the lot as wear and tear.


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