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    reasonable repair time

    Hi all, I moved into a rental house in Feb this year, and spent 2 months with no heating or hot water, 3 months with no cooking facilities (oven broke) and a leaking roof which to this day is still leaking! Then in august this year the toilet started leaking and has rotten all the floorboards in the bathroom, there is a leak under the bath which comes through the kitchen light, the plaster is falling off the bathroom wall and the roof is still leaking from Feb! In July the gas fire was also condemned, after we had used it for heat for 2 months! I was dealing with a letting agent throughout, calling them every few days but calls rarely returned! Is it reasonable to ask landlord to terminate my tenancy 2 months early? I have also told him to keep my deposit just to release me from my agreement as I have a new house ready to move into?!

    Responses from landlords would be appreciated!

    You should have gone to your local council's public/environmental health dept and reported the disrepair after 6 weeks. Go there now a report these issues.

    Don't let him keep the deposit - you have a very good chance of getting it back I would argue.

    ~There are a lot of bad letting agents out there - you fell foul of one.

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