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    Gas safety clarification

    I had a tenant mutually leave after a couple of weeks due to a dispute with a neighbour.

    I arranged a new gas safety certificate when she moved in.

    Do I need a new gas safety certificate when a new tenant moves in, or is the previous one still valid as it hasn't expired (only about a month old)?

    Just wanted clarification as I've received conflicting advice.

    Thanks for your help.

    The current one is valid for 12 months irrespective of a new tenant moving. There are some engineers who are advising that a new Gas Safety Record is required but there is nothing in the legislation which confirms that theory.

    Just to confirm it is Gas Safety Record and not certificate. All the appliances could fail in the property and you would still have a valid gas safety record.


      Originally posted by ngriffiths View Post
      Do I need a new gas safety certificate when a new tenant moves in, or is the previous one still valid as it hasn't expired (only about a month old)?
      The previous one is still valid - get it from the horse's mouth here.

      It's quite common for agents to insist on a new gas certificate upon change of tenant, in the same way they insist on electrical safety checks (neither of which are legally required), which covers them I suppose... fine provided they make it clear it's their own policy (and that the landlord is free to go to another agent if they don't like it) rather than try to claim it's enshrined in law.

      I think the old CORGI site used to 'recommend' gas checks on change of tenant, but I can't see anything on the Gas Safe site about that now.

      You're certainly still responsible for the gas safety of your tenants, and if you've any reason at all to believe there might be a problem, eg caused by the previous tenant doing something daft, then you'd certainly be well advised to get things checked before the new tenant moves in.


        HSE website says:

        What checks should be done between tenancies?
        You must visually check the property to see if the departing tenant has either removed appliances unsafely, or alternatively left behind their own appliance, which should either be removed or checked for safety by a Gas Safe registered engineer . The opportunity should be taken to clarify appliance ownership prior to renting the property again.

        If you suspect that an appliance could have been tampered with, or there is the possibility of vandalism while a property remains empty, then HSE recommends you arrange for another gas safety check to be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer before giving access to new tenants.

        Before you re-let the property you need to ensure that all appliances are safe and have an up to date landlord's gas safety record (a copy of which needs to be given to the new tenant); it is also good practice to arrange for the pipework to be inspected and tested for soundness.


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