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    free quotation domestic appliance repair


    does anyone know the contact details of a company that will give a quote for fixing a broken appliance (e.g. washing machine) but will not charge unless you actually have the work done?

    I used a company who did this for a property in London a year or so ago, but I have stupidly lost the name/contact details and cannot find them again despite internet searches etc.


    What's this about?

    Is the washing machine in a tenanted property? Are you a landlord or agent? If yes to both questions, why are you wasting time like this?


      Further details - repair or buy new machine?

      I am landlord. Machine is in a tenanted property. Machine is 15 months old. I want to see if it is better to pay for repair or to buy a new machine. I don't want to call out someone to repair it and get charged e.g. £170 when I could buy a new machine for £200.

      Why do you think this is 'wasting time'?
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        I would endeavour to have the machine fixed PDQ to keep my tenants happy and ultimately me. (Also less landfill.)

        I would simply call the manufacturer's service line NOW and arrange a date and time which is suitable for both the engineer and the tenant/myself.

        Remember, this repair is tax deductible.


          Do you not have a copy of the invoice from the last time you used the said company? You should've kept it for your accounts.

          If you can't find it might I suggest the local paper? The paper usually has a section offering services for the home and many of them state free call out!




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