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    tenant left with arrears


    My tenant who gave notice on the 29th August moved out on the 10th September, with £237 in arrears. He has handed the keys over, and said that he would pay the arrears within a week. It hasn't happened. Also he should have organised a gardener by the 29th August, which never happened. I have since paid over £200 to clear the garden. I have sent several emails to the tenant's family (as he is unavailable) asking for this payment. What shall I do? Is there any chance that I can get the £237 rent he owes me? Thanks

    You need to find him before you can doing anything.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Was any deposit paid? Will this cover some or all of the arrears/garden clearance?


        I am in a similar position - I am a resident landlord, my tenant verbally gave me a months notice, agreed to clean the room (hasn't been done), extracted a verbal reference from me for their next tenancy, cleared their room and then handed the keys back. No rent for this month has been received. No deposit received at beginning of tenancy because they weren't able to pay. Monthly rent collected via bank account transfer has always been on time up until now so I have a full record of all monies received.

        Any advice on whether I can persue this through the smalls claim court if necessary (and would I win?) would be welcome?



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        • Reply to Part furnished
          by theartfullodger
          Trust you've reported the thefts to police
          18-09-2020, 14:07 PM
        • Part furnished
          by Chester Perry
          Our property was let part furnished however upon leaving the Ex. tenant took it upon himself to relieve us of the white goods and wooden blinds.

          The dishwasher, washing machine, 2 x fridge freezers and wooden blinds throughout were actually ones purchased when the property was our main...
          18-09-2020, 13:34 PM
        • Reply to Landlord refuses to sign inventory
          by Bumblebee3000
          This is very helpful, MdeB, thank you. I will try to relax about the inventory now. In regards to the mould - the landlord has a letter from the curtain cleaning company stating that the mould has been "killed" during the cleaning. I actually spoke with the curtain cleaner when he was here...
          18-09-2020, 14:07 PM
        • Landlord refuses to sign inventory
          by Bumblebee3000
          We've recently rented a house that from the very start seemed badly taken care of - there were various problems like a mouldy washing machine/curtains, broken curtain rails, etc. When we arrived to meet the inventory clerk, we signed a 2-page document of handwritten inventory notes (we broadly agreed...
          17-09-2020, 20:13 PM
        • Reply to Deposit Negotitations with Landlord
          by jpkeates
          The process seems to have changed recently.
          The landlord claims from the deposit and that claim should have a summary of what they are claiming and why.
          You dispute that and then you both have one chance to explain your side of the story.
          But you do that with only access to what the...
          18-09-2020, 13:57 PM
        • Deposit Negotitations with Landlord
          by Maymiss
          I am moving out of my rented home shortly, i have caused some damage which I notified the landlord of when it happened and they have recently visited to discuss the cost of repairs, which we have agreed. The landlord is now asking that I pay this money to them directly. It is not possible for the work...
          03-08-2020, 11:47 AM
        • Reply to Section 21 issued with new tenancy
          by jpkeates
          Every notice escalated to court is recorded and the figures published quarterly, so breaking out the s21 notices from the s8 shouldn't be complicated.

          Two of the links are to House of Commons research papers, to be fair!...
          18-09-2020, 13:51 PM
        • Section 21 issued with new tenancy
          by fmST1
          When a new tenant moves into a property, I get them to sign a section 21 so that if whatever reason things don’t work out, the necessary paperwork is already in place.
          I’ve never had a need to exercise this yet, but would it work?...
          11-09-2020, 08:43 AM
        • Reply to Part furnished
          by jpkeates
          It depends on your local market.
          Mine seems expect a fridge freezer and washing machine as an "unfurnished" property.

          Blinds not curtains and it varies - usually whats been left behind (have had to add some blind safety hook things in the past).

          Check ads for...
          18-09-2020, 13:48 PM
        • Reply to Housing First - what are your thoughts?
          by boletus
          What are your arrears, ASB, and eviction rates as a % of all tenancies?
          18-09-2020, 13:41 PM