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    short trem lodger

    Hi I don't know if iam in the right place please
    Forgive me
    Ok I live with my partner we have a morgatge can we
    Claim any benefits if we have short term
    Lodgers ranging from 3 to 6 months at a time
    Iam currently out of work at the moment and my
    Partner is a stay at home house wife
    Any info would be good

    There is the Rent A Room scheme, which gives you tax benefits


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    • Reply to Section 21. When can a Landlord no longer use this?
      by Gillyann
      Thank you Hudson.

      I seem to have been a landlord for 100 years! I feel I have provided excellent and well maintained homes for 21 years and worked my way through the recession with much difficulty like everyone else and now is the time to retire. I’ll continue to put my tenants interests...
      16-05-2022, 00:03 AM
    • Section 21. When can a Landlord no longer use this?
      by Gillyann
      I've looked extensively over the internet, but I cannot find the actual date Section 21 is no longer viable.

      I have only 3 properties left, having sold 5 over the years, all with long term tenancies, and I now wish to sell them, mostly due to my husband's death in 2020 and I'm not exactly...
      11-05-2022, 14:13 PM
    • Reply to Outside car park lighting
      by DoricPixie
      What kind of contract do you have for the shared accomodation and what does it say about chargeable services?...
      15-05-2022, 22:53 PM
    • Outside car park lighting
      by Busman18
      Hi I am a resident in a shared accommodation block of 40 people and one of our car park lights is out of action
      our manager says this is service chargeable on our rent but we think the landlord should pay instead ,who is right please.
      15-05-2022, 22:42 PM
    • Reply to EDF - how is it possible to inform tenant has left?
      by DoricPixie
      You don’t to close down the tenant’s accounts you need to open your own accounts. I don’t have any experience with EDF but it did take me months to sort out an account with eon and I’m months into a complaint with Scottish Power. Make sure you have photos of the meter readings from when the...
      15-05-2022, 22:45 PM
    • EDF - how is it possible to inform tenant has left?
      by Flynn
      So my tenant moved out, and had debts, they have given me a false forwarding address. But that’s not my problem.

      Problem is that I need to close down their utility accounts, and set up new in my name while the property is empty.

      Should be a straightforward process?
      15-05-2022, 13:19 PM
    • Reply to Buying a tenanted residential property
      by DoricPixie
      If you’re worried about interest rates rising then clearly you are buying with a mortgage. Your mortgage lender will require the property to be vacant at completion which it won’t be if the tenants are still living there. The vendors solicitor would be crackers to allow his/her client to complete...
      15-05-2022, 22:40 PM
    • Buying a tenanted residential property
      by itsthomas
      We are buying a residential property to live in
      Now that everything is ready for exchange we are told that the tenant has decided not to move out.
      The tenancy agreement is already expired two months ago and she has stopped paying rent since.

      Now we would like to know what happens...
      12-05-2022, 19:37 PM
    • Reply to Advice Needed
      by ash72
      You should consider speaking with the case worker, they can sometimes help re-house someone without going through the stress of going to court etc. May be another option to explore.
      15-05-2022, 21:59 PM
    • Advice Needed
      by Confused2022

      I an trying to get as much information and advice for someone whom is very vulnerable and has many health problems.

      The issue is they have lived at a property which they’ve rented now for 2 years just over, never missed a rental payment and never had any issues,...
      15-05-2022, 15:45 PM