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    I see. Then it is hard to justify what is "unreasonably"? If they find out any excuses, it is difficult to argue.


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    • Reply to How to advertise?
      by landlord-man
      openrent - very cheap to get on Rightmove - and dont need to use them for anything else (though referencing is cheap and effective too)...
      23-01-2021, 13:03 PM
    • How to advertise?
      by bethy
      We have a student house and flat and have only ever advertised them via the university's accommodation service. It's low cost, has no fees to students and to be accepted the property has to be a decent standard. I've just gone online to renew the advert for next year and got a message saying the service...
      21-01-2021, 15:42 PM
    • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
      by sm1 landlord
      the demand where we operate is huge, we will have over 100 applicants within a week for a 3 bed house, the properties are of a high standard, tenants all levels of income and nationalities, surplus of flats but no houses being built

      4 beds not many in our area for rent, they are in the...
      23-01-2021, 12:52 PM
    • demand for 4 bed houses
      by sm1 landlord
      question - our portfolio of houses are 2 and 3 bed

      we are buying a fire damaged 3 bed house in a good area which lends it itself to doing a loft conversion due to the fire damage

      how do others find demand for a 4 bed house, we do let to u/c claimants with guarantors and a family...
      23-01-2021, 10:52 AM
    • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
      by sm1 landlord
      we will consider u/c tenants and the last 3 houses have gone to tenants on u/c (purely a coincidence, they were strong applicants with good guarantors and advance payments) but the LB of Sutton are incompetent and not professional in their dealings, icebergs move faster,...
      23-01-2021, 12:46 PM
    • Reply to Washing machine meter legality
      by landlord-man
      I have a washer and a dryer with a coin meter for each - shared by 4 studio flats.

      I purposely went for a basic washing machine which gave a dial for a 30 min or a 60 min wash (other options are available but involve messing with buttons).

      I then set the machine at £1 for...
      23-01-2021, 12:39 PM
    • Washing machine meter legality
      by Dreamingofsea
      i have a small hmo non licensable due to locality. It had a meter on the washing machine when I bought it but I disconnected it. I m finding that 1 tenant is doing 2 - 3 washes every day and so obviously is taking advantage of it and also hogging it. I stated in their tenancy agreements fair...
      20-01-2021, 21:16 PM
    • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
      by jpkeates
      In which case, I'd be wary.

      If you have a family in a house with a "spare" room, there's always the risk that they'll take in a lodger to offset the cost of living and thereby create an HMO without your knowledge.

      Otherwise you are limiting your market to people on...
      23-01-2021, 12:38 PM
    • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
      by Interlaken
      There are plenty on the housing list who would appreciate a 4 bed to rent. I'm sure your local council is bound to be interested if you were to take tenants from them. As long as you kept the rent 'reasonable' and within social rent payments should be easy to let.
      23-01-2021, 12:38 PM
    • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
      by sm1 landlord
      [QUOTE=jpkeates;n1139999]Many residential landlords would avoid 3 bedroom housing because of the risk of it becoming an HMO.
      But this seems to be your actual target market, so presumably you are considering this.

      our market has always been families, some tenants have been with...
      23-01-2021, 12:32 PM