Advice from Experienced Landlords for a Tenant Needed!

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    Advice from Experienced Landlords for a Tenant Needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you don’t mind a prospective tenant posting in your forums but I just wanted some advice.

    Basically I live in a HA flat, I have lived there for about 8 years and for most (pretty much all) I’ve had nuisance neighbours which the HA hasn’t done much about. How I’ve managed to go to work and keep my job with the lack of sleep I’ve had over the years is a miracle (the neighbours don’t work!). Anyway to cut a long story short the HA finally got rid of the worst neighbours but have moved in an even more loud foreign couple and their laminate flooring and I’ve had enough. I am giving up the HA flat in the new year to private rent in a better area.

    Before I moved into this flat I owned my own home which was sold after a break up so I have never privately rented and I am a little nervous because everyone is telling me I am crazy to give up the security of the HA flat. They tell me it will be probably be worse noise wise and that most properties are only being rented now until the housing market picks up and then they will get sold from under me.

    I am sure this can be case sometimes but I’m sure plenty of other landlords would be happy to get a working, pays her bills on time, quiet tenant who just wants some peace and quiet!

    So my questions are, if I enquire about the neighbours in a property adjoining any property I would be renting i.e. if the previous tenants have ever had any neighbour problems, are they obliged to tell me the truth?

    And is there any way I could obtain a longer tenancy than 6 months? The lack of security is one thing I do find a bit off putting...

    And lastly, is there anything I need to look out to avoid some of the horror stories landlords you hear about or is it really just luck of the draw?

    Thanks for any tips and advice you might have!

    You can ask about neighbour issues, but they are not obliged to tell you, and even if they say the neighbours are fine and you move in and find they are not, you do not have a get-out clause to end the tenancy. Or the existing neighbours may move on - even owner occupiers can have different lifestyles to those around them and cause issues to neighbours!

    You can ask for a longer tenancy, but LLs tend to like a 6 month initial period for you to prove yourself to them. LL won't know you from Adma and you may turn out to be just as much of a nightmare as your previous neighbours, so tying you into 12 months or more with no break clause, means the LL is stuck with you.

    As for checking things out, you need to ask:

    LL has consent to let if mortgaged
    Request a copy of a GSC if there is gas in the property, and an EPC.
    You could also ask for name of a previous tenant to give you a reference for how good the LL is!
    Ask for a draft copy of any prospective tenancy agreement to read and thoroughly understand before you sign - once signed, it is binding on you and therefore you need time to ensure you understand it fully.
    Ask for a full inventory of the property to check through and if there is something you do not agree with, amend it and sign the amendment before you hand it back to the LL. Also take dated photos when you move in.
    If you are renting with appliances installed, check whether LL will cover repairs etc, as it is not always included.
    You will have to undergo a credit check (fees anything from £50-£300 I have seen quoted), and if you do not pass these fees are lost.
    You will also need to pay a deposit (1-1.5 months rent) and 1st month's rent in advance, so make sure you are aware of the costs - could be £1000+ upfront before you even move in!

    Are you on any benefits by any chance, as some LL fight shy of claimants. Pets may also be an issue if you have any.


      Landlords like doing a 6 month AST in case they have the tenant from hell in their property - it works both ways + if you did not like neighbours or landlord you could walk away at the end of 6 months.

      If you find a place you would like to rent go and check out the area at differing times of the day - especially Friday and Saturday nights - that should give you a clue as to what goes on there.

      Try renting via an established agent - they may have let a property several times over the years - he/she will know the landlord and know if the property is always rented and not claimed back for the LL to live in.

      Research not luck I would say.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        Hi, thanks very much there's some great advice there!

        I am working full time and I have no pets so I should have a bit of choice anyway!

        Thanks again!


          I know if you buy a property, if asked, they are obliged to tell you the truth about the neighbours. I am not sure about renting though.
          In the case of purchasing, you need to ask specific questions though, and not "Are they noisy?", as that is subjective.

          Even if they are not obliged to tell you, I would ask the correct questions anyway.
          Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


            Also see the link below, which is a guide for tenants.



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