No written agreement and council tax

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    No written agreement and council tax

    Tenants have been in a property for 1yr, no written agreement. Tenants have now left and council are chasing LL (My friend)for £450. How can she prove to council that there was a tenant in her property. Council are being unhelpful.
    I am here because I am inexperienced and want to learn.

    By producing written evidence of tenancy -eg regular payments by SO, emails regarding occupation..

    Silly landlord. Next time, write to council & utility companies whenever a change of occupation
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Are Council aware your friend had rented the property eg T making HB or C Tax claim?

      How much is £450 C Tax 1 month? I doubt a year, so sounds like T stopped paying C Tax when they vacated and they are coming to friend for continued payment as LL, without offering the usual 6 months grace for an empty rental.

      A simple signed letter stating 'Mr/Ms Smith was a tenant from/to dates, with a verbal AST and paid rent of £x / pcm/wk.
      signed Mr/Ms Friend, Landlord.'

      If T left any utility bills or other correspondence behind with her name and property address on, this should strengthen the case.Did friend serve any written Notice on her at the property and keep a copy? Another good reason to use Royal Mail not email or text.


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      • Reply to Tenancy Agreement Help
        by theartfullodger
        Sounds like some education in how to be a landlord might be wise. When I started I thought I knew what I was doing. I didn't, expensive, stupid, mistakes! If you think education is expensive, try ignorance....
        26-05-2022, 19:52 PM
      • Tenancy Agreement Help
        by Harrison38784
        Hi all,

        I am a new landlord and looking for some help with the AST.

        I have created a tenancy agreement which is now ready for signing.

        The tenancy agreement is due to start on the 1st July.

        Can the tenancy agreement be signed before the move in...
        26-05-2022, 18:02 PM
      • Reply to Special clauses
        by theartfullodger
        Agreed, break clauses very very easy to get wrong.

        Much simpler, easier, more flexibility to evict, fixed term 6 months then periodic....
        26-05-2022, 19:50 PM
      • Special clauses
        by Harrison38784
        Hi All,

        I want to add the following break clause into my AST, but I’m wondering if I do so, do I also need to give my tenant also a break clause?

        ‘The Landlord may terminate this agreement by giving the Tenant not less than 2 months' written notice expiring [on or at any...
        26-05-2022, 18:16 PM
      • Reply to Agreement for friends to live in my house
        by Hudson01
        Well you have heard the opinions of a great many very experienced landlords........ you are taking a very big risk with this, you say you don't need the money, so why take the risk ? Leave it empty and come back to it still....... empty, there is zero guarantee they will move out, friends or not.
        26-05-2022, 19:38 PM
      • Agreement for friends to live in my house
        by Tippy
        I cannot find a definitive answer to my question by googling so here goes.

        I have a house that I wish to allow a family who are close friends to live in while I live abroad as UK non-resident. I am trying to work out what sort of contract I should make between us.

        I don't mind...
        26-05-2022, 08:48 AM
      • Reply to Tenancy Agreement Help
        by ash72
        You created the AST, or you got it from somewhere?

        You can get the AST signed before someone moves in (how soon would they actually move in?) and when are you giving the keys?

        You should have a Guarantor's specific agreement if your going down that route, these days they can...
        26-05-2022, 18:24 PM
      • Reply to Special clauses
        by KTC
        Generally yes, landlord only break clause is an unfair term. There's really only very limited reasons to have break clause in typical residential letting. Just do a 6 months fixed term and then let it roll periodic.
        26-05-2022, 18:23 PM
      • Reply to Access to neighbouring property act.
        by Neelix
        i only pointed this out because so many people don’t realise this.

        so there’s no point in blocking access IMHO...
        26-05-2022, 18:12 PM
      • Reply to Lodger is in police custody for weeks or years. What to do with lodger's possessions?
        by Hudson01
        If the landlord does this then the storage company would come after him as it's he who has the contract witht them, not sure i would do this. I would though ask the Police to pass on the ex lodgers legal representitive, he or she will be in contact with the alleged offender and they can ask him what...
        26-05-2022, 17:36 PM