Break clause written incorrectly . Can I still serve the notice?

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    The council will not be interested in your invalid notice, as it has no effect, so once made aware, the clock will start ticking.

    If you decide to go to court with an invalid notice, you will have wasted £175.00.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Originally posted by Tanush View Post
      I did but not on time , so I have to give it back before serving the notice for it to be valid, that is what i've learned from here. I talked to the council they actually were quite helpful and they sounded like they don't want it get to court. But the cannot just provide them with the council house without any proper notice. They only need to accommodate 1 couple with the child the rest can stay.
      How many adult occupiers in the house? How many of them are named as your tenant(s) on the tenancy contract? I assume this '1 couple with the child' are not named as tenants, but have been taken in by the tenant(s) because they are family?


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