Very Confusing HMO question?

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    Very Confusing HMO question?

    I am currently letting out a two bedroom terrace property. A european lady came with her sister, both had children about 3 years old. They are interested in the property and both have partners as well. Because this is really two families does that put my property into the HMO category? If Yes what are the rules of HMO?

    Helath and safety reasons as well is it feasible, there is 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and toilet as a unit together.


    They are sisters living together, with their families; I believe this is counted as just one household, so it is not an HMO.

    With only two bedrooms, it sounds like it could be an overcrowding situation though, breaching stautory requirements. Depends what other rooms are available to them.

    There is a separate HMO forum on this site, by the way; which might attract better responses from the HMO boffins. (edit: I see you have already)
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    You can search the forums here:


      Governments HMO information.

      Check the website for your local authority that may also publish good information.

      Remember there's a difference in the definition of what constitutes a HMO and properties that require a licence to operate as a HMO. In other words, even if a property is a HMO, it doesn't necessarily means it requires the landlord to seek a licence from the council.

      While properties of 3+ habital storeys and 5+ tenants may fall within the mandatory category, local councils can bring other types of properties into the licensable category if they wish.


        Ultimately, you should call your local autority office and they will tell you. Last year I had the same issue and called them, explained my situation and they said No.


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