Private landlords - where do you advertise?

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    Private landlords - where do you advertise?

    My husband and I are currently renting from a private landlord but when our lease is up in June 2013 we will need to move to a house with more space (we had a baby in April). I am absolutely dreading it! It was by pure luck that we found our current property - I had a look on Gumtree and a private landlord had listed a property about an hour beforehand in the exact location we wanted, at the right price, and she was absolutely fine with our perfectly-behaved, never-destroyed-anything cat. She even let us install a cat flap.

    Up until then I had always owned my own home but a horrible combination of buying my latest property at the top of the market followed by a divorce at the bottom of the market meant I lost all of my equity so needed to rent. I am the dream tenant - never late with rent, husband and I both in very stable jobs, house-proud and always looking to improve/repair the property, get on well with the neighbours, etc. Because we now have a daughter we would be looking for a very long-term rental to give her some stability.

    I am DREADING having to deal with a lettings agent. The fees are insane. Beyond insane. I understand why some private landlords would want to farm out the work to the agent but part of me just thinks there's got to be some way to find a great place with a private landlord, have them call my current landlady and hear about our tenancy and how we bake Christmas cookies for the whole street I manage a software company from home so am in the property pretty much all the time so I check on elderly neighbours, take in packages, etc. Sorry I am getting away from the point, which is... where do reputable private landlords advertise?

    All of our neighbours who rent tell us that they have to pay the lettings agent a fee every year to renew their contact. What the ??? If I made my customers pay a yearly fee for the privilege of giving me their money for another year I'd have no customers left!

    I can't answer your question, as I use agents for tenant-find, but do be really careful and mindful of scams when you are looking at privately advertised property.

    Just Google tenant/landlord scam so you know what the pitfalls are.


      You could be proactive and advertise yourself in the areas you are interested in - either in newsagent's windows, or perhaps take out an ad. in the local paper.

      If there is a local Landlords' Association you could contact them.

      I agree with you about agents' extortionate fees, but in the end, the cost of renting through an agent has to be factored into the overall cost of living in the property, just as you would factor in the energy bills, the cost of transport to work, the distance to a food shop. It's just one more expense to be taken into account.

      And you could ask the LL to allow the tenancy to become periodic after the fixed term expires, whcih means that both you and the LL could avoid renewal fees.
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        Hi, I am a private landlord, I do not charge any fees to my tenants other than rent in advance and 1 months bond. Letting a property. Com I use to advertise on main portals.

        You seem like an ideal tenant - sorry no vacancies at present.


          Originally posted by Alexlandlord View Post
          Hi, I am a private landlord, I do not charge any fees to my tenants other than rent in advance and 1 months bond .
          Er...those aren't fees.
          'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


            You may find a few useful bits on this thread:


            Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


              Some are good and reasonable - we never charge renewal fees unless the landlord or tenant specifically requests it.
              Liability statement. My liability to you is not to exceed the amount you are paying for my recommendations or advice.

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                I use cheap carpet over good underlay everywhere.
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                The underlay is the key.
                At home I use cheap carpet (because of pets) over good underlay.
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                Let’s be honest, most tenants don’t look after carpets as well as a homeowner. There is no point putting a quality in a rental when you can’t be sure how it will be looked after - a burn or a coffee / wine stain will ruin a decent carpet as well as a cheap one. I go for a bleach cleanable, mid...
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                There was nothing about a default in the post I was responding to.
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                If you don't turn up to defend a claim, there has to have been some kind of error in notification...
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