Landlord rights - lease in one name family separating

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    Landlord rights - lease in one name family separating


    Not sure if anyone is able to help with this query or can recommend someone who is willing to act remotely.

    We live in the USA and rent out our former home to a family with An Assured Tenancy agreement. The agreement is in just one persons name (the Dad) and they are now separating - the remaining party wants to stay (the Mum & (3) Children ) though is sorting out the housing benefit (which it appears is sufficient).

    What I would like to understand is the position as the Dad has said he wants the lease to end and deposit returned.

    My concern is the Mum will not be able to get all the funds together (6 weeks rent and one months deposit) to take over the lease in the next month - though hoping it won't come to that.

    I'm prepared to be flexible to help out but what to prevent us ending in a sticky situation (or stickier).

    The property is managed by a friend, unfortunately the Mum has been a little unresponsive though she has been informed notice has been served.
    Thanks in advance.

    What notice has been served, when and when for?

    Isnt it 1 month's rent and 6 weeks deposit? Anyway, if she cant afford it, why do you want her as your tenant?

    Best way is to end the current tenancy and grant her a new tenancy, if so you wish. If she cant afford it, negotiate something you are happy with. Let her pay a smaller deposit. Not sure why you would want that but if you are flexible, you can find a solution
    All views posted reflect my personal opinion only and do not constitute professional advice which I am not qualified or knowledgeable enough to provide.


      Get rid of them.
      If she is unresponsive now, what is she going to be like after the honeymoon period is over?
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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