Question about access pending bailiffs visit

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    Question about access pending bailiffs visit

    We are currently waiting to get our property back after the tenant failed to obey a granted possession order to move out last week (under a S21). Bailiffs have been booked but we don't yet have a date - we've been told six weeks.

    Tenant has paid til the end of this month in the mistaken belief it would block our order. We think he may move out then but he may equally just leave without telling us. He characteristically locks himself in and refuses to answer the door so we cannot speak to him and we don't want to be accused of any 'harassment'. He may even have changed the lock.

    Can anyone tell us what our access rights are in this situation? How do we check if he has left? We suspect that he intends leaving without paying us what he owes, so adding more rent to the bill will not be a disincentive to him just disappearing. Are we stuck with simply waiting until the bailiffs let us in officially or is there something we could do to shorten our wait?

    Thanks for your help

    I'm fairly sure the general consensus would be that you have come this far through the correct legal channels and got the desired outcome of a possession order, so do not jeopardise anything now by jumping the gun.

    There is no harm in visiting the property to see if there are any signs of life, ask neighbours if there is any sign of the tenant moving out etc. The granting of the possession order does not give you automatic right of entry, and if it was me, however annoying it sounds, I would just sit tight and await the baillifs.

    You say he has paid until end of the month and may leave then, so what other money does he owe you? Is there a deposit you can use against any arrears?


      Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, LesleyAnne

      (I'm new here - I thought my post had been deleted - relieved to find it hasn't!)

      Yes we do have a deposit, the usual 6 weeks. The problem is that we unwisely allowed him to put some of our furniture in storage - if he doesn't bring it back, that could easily wipe out the deposit. Plus the fact we still don't know when the Bailiffs are coming - if it's not for 6 weeks, we'll lose most of our deposit in arrears.

      He would be quite capable of just moving out without telling us, leaving us to wait the full length of time - or even cancelling services without letting us know. I expect your advice to be patient is good advice, we just wondered if anybody else had been in a similar situation and found a different solution.


        What does your tenancy agreement state about landlords access?
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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