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    Originally posted by thesaint View Post
    The OP is a serial "hit and run" question asker.
    Who doesn't seem to respond to questions or take advice and then goes and gets themselves in a total muddle over their S21.

    OP, you have been asked several times to provide more information on your situation. Depending on the exact circumstances surrounding this particular tenancy and the deposit, members here will be only too pleased to give you genuine and accurate advice, but unless you give us the answers we cannot help you!

    Please look back through the threads you have posted before, and mods have now merged here, and answer the outstanding questions before you ask us another one!!!!!!


      Originally posted by MSaxp View Post
      Well, not sure what the judge means by "the 02/06/2008 was a monday" but the 02/06/2009 when the SPT started was a tuesday. Hence, I would say your periods are biweekly and end on a Monday.

      With some excel, I got the following dates, but I am sure you can work out dates further out if you want.

      hi thanks for your help and i would like to know in your opinion if the judge says the periodic tenancy started on the 2nd then when could the sec21 notice be served and for the end date should allow some extra time??? i also checked the date and it is in fcat a monday not tuesday.


        What date though? It's the day the periodic tenancy started that matters, in your case 02/06/2009

        You can serve anytime allowing for some extra time for posting. So if you served today, the 26th of November or any of the later dates, should be ok. Be sure to use the word 'after' for the date, as the last day of the period is part of the tenancy
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