Landlord Ludicrous Deposit Deductions

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    Landlord Ludicrous Deposit Deductions


    We have had problems with our landlord recently over notice period where they insisted we had a 6mth break clause when in fact our renewal was 1 month notice. We had won this and moved out!

    During the tenancy we had issues with the bathroom leaking water into the kitchen ceiling every time we had a shower. This ocurred soon after we moved into the property. We had informed the LL and they came over to fix it (by re-sealing the bath) but the kitchen ceiling had already become stained by the water which they saw. They had in fact promised to paint it over but they never did!

    Last December, a month before moving out, the problem re-ocurred and we informed them by email of the problem. However, they never responded and never came to fix it. As a result, we told them in the email that we would stop taking showers and instead take baths till it is fixed in order not to damage the kitchen ceiling.

    However, through no surprise, the landlord has just told me that she will be making deductions from our deposit because we continued to take showers thus causing damage to her ceiling! I feel this is totally unfair and is her way of getting her back on us because we left on our terms rather than hers (i.e. with one month's notice - for which she was extremly angry at agents).

    Our deposit is in the TDS scheme and i have notified the agent that we will not accept any deductions if she tries to make any, and that we would want to dispute it.

    Do you think she can take our money??? I have all emails i sent her as well as her replies which i could submit to an ICE as proof. I also have emails of other problems i informed her about such as humidity in the walls, which she also never did anything about. I think we stuck by our responsibility to inform our LLs when damage ocurred to the house.

    Maybe the agent will have enough sense to advise her against a TDS dispute since they were kept in the loop about this issue.

    Many thanks for any advice!


    If this agent is a member of TDS then they are most likely to be ARLA members too. Remember it is the landlord who is effectively making these deductions, not the agent. You can make a separate complaint to ARLA about their lack of cooperation, and unprofessional conduct.

    You should have little to worry about if you use the dispute resolution service if the deductions are unwarranted.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      Thanks for your reply Paul.

      Is there a time limit by which the Landlord needs to inform the agent of deductions?? There is nothing specified in the AST about this. The LL seems to be purposefully dragging her feet and i seem to have to just wait in eternity till she decides to speak up! She also came up with excuses like the workman hasnt fixed the ceiling yet and therefore she doesnt know the cost. I know this is a lie because the house has been re-rented and when i went over to collect my post from the new tenants I could see that the ceiling has been fixed!




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