Please help, how do I start evicting non paying tenant

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  • thesaint
    You can DIY, this forum has the Sec 8 forms.
    Also, call the Housing Benefit dept, and get her payments suspended pending redirecting them straight to yourself.

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  • daveg
    Section 8 notice 2 weeks
    Court date seems to be about 4 weeks
    Possesion order notice hopefully 2 weeks
    Bailiff waiting time say 8 weeks

    The court and bailiff times will vary depending on which court area your rental property is in. Serve the section 8 first and phone the court to get an idea of the waiting times.

    The sticky thread above - Enforcement of a Possession Order using the HCEO route may speed things up.


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  • Please help, how do I start evicting non paying tenant

    My new tenant moved into my rental house on 1st June and paid deposit and one month's rent, she receives housing benefit
    and informed the authorities of a change of address. Since June she has not paid any rent and is now 4 months in arrears, I was always promised that the payment would come from the housing benefit and be backdated. She has now learnt that her benefits have been cut and she only now receives a small amount to top up the rent payment. Basically I am now desperate to evict her as quickly as possible as I am already very much out of pocket and cannot afford to keep a none paying tenant in the house. I have read some posts on this forum and it seems I need to serve notice under section 8, grounds 8,10 & 11. How do I do this? I did briefly speak to a solicitor today and they will serve it for £120, is this the only way to go? Also how long is this process likely to take, I simply cannot afford this?
    Can I also add that I did not put the deposit into a deposit protection Scheme (I am a bit of a novice and didn't know of this new regulation).

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