Neighbours making tenants lives hell

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    Neighbours making tenants lives hell


    I have a Lithuanian family renting a house, nice family, always pay rent on time and keep house clean.

    The Neighbours at the attached house are making their life hell. Music and shouting at night, multiple people in the house, Vicki pollards galore. I know the woman has had her five children taken away into care, there are also allegations of
    Prostitution and drugs from another Neighbour.

    My tenants have asked them to keep the noise down and have been met with abuse and damage to their car. They now don't want to take things further with the council or police.

    I have spoken to police and council myself and they tell me they can't do anything as I have no evidence regarding drugs and prostitution, and the tenants need to make the complaints.

    My fear is that my tenants will move out, they have declined a contract renewal and are living month by month at the house, and I will be left with a vulnerable house that I can't let and a big mortgage to pay.

    The Neighbours house is private rented on dss, but I have tried every agent and cannot locate the landlord.

    Any suggestions as to what else I can do? To get these scum bags to go elsewhere, these people don't comprehend civil or fair.

    It is possible you can find the property owner through the land registry website for £4. The address may be the rental address, but at least you will have a name.


      Also see if there is a tenants and residents association (TARA) in the area and go to the next meeting.

      Or contact the safer neighbourhood team and talk to them.

      Also contact the council private sector team - in our area they are very helpful.

      I'm secretary of the TARA where we have the majority of our houses and do find that it helps greatly.


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