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  • Beeber
    I agree with P. Pilcher that you need to have a diplomatic landlord/lady to man chat to outline the scope of your responsibilities, such as arranging repairs, and his responsibility to report them and cooperate with bulk refuse collection procedures.

    You need to indicate that you expect him to report repairs as per his tenancy agreement but that anything external to the property is out of scope for you and he should research and contact to the relevant bodies to report crime, social nuisances and so on.

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  • moocow
    well he is drawing on his previous experience. thats with mummy and daddy. obviously they were very good landlords and did everything for him when he was at home. he would now like you to be as good as they were and tend to his every need.

    you could also suggest he speak to his parents a bit more about some of his personal problems.

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  • P.Pilcher
    This is typical of some very young inexperienced tenants! I suggest you tell him to stand on his own two feet. He needs to complain to the environmental health dept. about he noise and negociate to get the 'fridge removed. After all, you have paid your £21. If you give them an inch they will expect a mile and, to be fair, they have no experience of this sort of thing to draw on so they need politely putting right.


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  • stefania
    started a topic advice needed tenants complaining

    advice needed tenants complaining

    I have just joined this morning and would like your views onthe following:
    my tenant in Twickenham-very safe area overall has just sent me an email.
    His car has been broken into,he has noticed a few youths loitering in the area recently,I haven't been living on the area for 2 years and am not sure how the demographics have changed.I live in Edinburgh.He has asked me what I can do about this!!
    Secondly,his neighbours upstairs are very noisy,they are tenants themselves,the owner is in Spain,my tenant has told them twice to no avail so again he is asking me what I can do about it...
    Thirdly,the old fridge packed up last October so I arranged for it to be collected OUTSIDE the property-he left it in the back garden so the council came and went without it.It is only my neighbours with whom I am in touch occasionally who told me -to mysurprise-that the fridge was in the garden.
    I paid for the collection service-21 pounds.My tenant is asking me what I can do about it.I replied asking him to contact Richmond council directly
    He is very young and used to live with his parents before branching out hence all these questions,do oyu thnk I am responsible for any of the above,I mean should it be down to me to make all the phone calls etc? I think his email is a bit absurd but your advice would be greatly appreciated as none of the above-I think is covered by the ast.
    Thanks a lot

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