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    How long to wait for deposit

    Hello all,

    Was hoping for a bit of advice. I have recently moved out of a two bed house. Although the place was cleaned before departure, I received a letter from the agent (who manages the property) saying that the owner was unhappy with the state in which the house was left. And they would be looking to recover a (small) amount for cleaning and minor repairs from my deposit.

    I have contested this, both verbally and via email. As of yet a formal dispute has not been raised by either myself or the LL... I rang the agents to find out what has been decided as they said they prefer to try and sort things amicably first before going down the arbitration route... They were waiting for a response from the LL to my email contesting the 'damage' the question I have is as follows...

    How long does an agent (who is holding the protected deposit) have to return my deposit after my move out date? As it is getting to the point that I feel they are dragging their heels whilst I am out of pocket as the landlord doesn't seem too bothered about getting back to them in a hurry.



    There is no time limit.

    If you are unhappy, then set them a time limit.
    What scheme(if any) is holding the deposit?
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong



      Thankyou for your swift response. It is held under a tenancy deposit scheme.. I think.

      Surely there must be some sort of limit? otherwise they could hold it indefinitely whilst they wait for 'correspondence' from the landlord..... However as I asked the question and you have given me a timely answer I must say I am surprised that this is the case!


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