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    Last Months Rent / Deposit

    I need your help.

    My landlord lives abroad, he has always to refuse any repairs except the heating. There is damp in the property, the fence blew down last DECEMBER and he refused to fix it, 3 whole panels broken ( and I have 2 small dogs ) I have always paid the rent for the 3 years I have been here.

    We got a s21 notice as the landlord wanted to up the rent by £200 per month and we refused!

    I started to check all the paperwork and noticed we moved in Nov-2009 and the deposit was not registered until Oct-2010. This was all done through a letting agent. I did not get any details of this until this week when I asked for it all to be sent! I move out in 11 days and have not yet paid the last months rent.

    I do not want to leave without paying the rent, I have no intention of doing them out of any money but ibelieve the landlord will either never agree for the deposit to be returned, make wild unfair deductions and just be a pain in the ar*e about it all.

    so as it stands, I am 3 weeks in arrears. They are threatening to take me to county court. Can they do that after just 3 weeks arrears? Does that change if my gurantour agrees ( in writing )to pay the arrears in full by the end of the month.

    I know its long winded, apologies, I am very worried. the landlord is going to do all he can to keep all the money he can.

    Also, I have looked after the property ( thought I would be here for a while yet ) I decorated the Kitchen, Living room, 1 bedroom, fitted a new electric shower ( with permission ) and kept the property well. I am 100 percent he will find lots of damages to deduct, he is re-letting and cant really afford to so I suspect he will use some of my deposit to replenish the house.

    THANKS and your help is VERY MUCH appreciated.


    They can take you to court the day after the rent due is unpaid, whether someone agrees to pay it a month late or not.

    In your position, I would make it clear the reason that you are witholding the rent(however unjustified), and that you will deal with the rent after you have checked out.
    Ask them to do a pre-checkout to see if they have any concerns that you can address before you leave.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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