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    Getting back my deposit

    OK, I might be in the wrong place here so I apologize if so.

    Right, I have been at my present address for nearly ten years and am about to terminate my tenancy within the next couple of months.

    When I moved in I was told that there would be no re-decoration or re-carpeted. This was fine as far as I was concerned, it was a bit scabby but nothing to worry about and things have been good.

    Three years into the tenancy, the landlord changed the agents that managed the property and a new contract was drawn up (no worries there either). Anyway.....

    Within that time (the last ten years) there has never been a refurb of any kind and the decor is the same as is the carpets. The carpets are the cheap, low cost type and have obvious wear 'n' tear.

    Now my question is, am I liable to lose my deposit even though the carpets and decor were not replaced/re-decorated nor a refurb. Is it fair that I should lose my deposit ?

    Thank you in advance


    Originally posted by fictionuk View Post
    Is it fair that I should lose my deposit ?
    It sounds as though you have been told you will not get your deposit
    back ?

    Provided everything is fair wear and tear, and there are no door
    hanging off their hinges, and no broken wroktops etc etc etc , then
    if you have been there 10 years, then everything should be fair
    wear and tear, and you should get your deposit back.

    In fact, new carpets and a refurb should have been done by the
    landlord at year 5 if it was that bad to start with.

    Any one who rents out to one person for 10 years must expect to
    refurbish the whole house after 10 years.

    Hope this helps



      Many thanx for that, cheers !


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