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    Social Housing - pets no fence

    Not sure if this is the right board but I live next to a social housing association house. New tenants have just moved in and they have a dog but there is no fencing at all to keep the dog contained in their garden. Should this be the case or am I expecting too much?

    It may be the case that they are keeping the dog in breach of their tenancy contract, or it might be that they have promised to keep it inside...

    If the dog is causing you problems (fouling, threatening you or your family), the obvious thing to do is to speak to its owners, their landlords and the council dog warden in that order.
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      Im not aware of any requirement for a fence. Perhaps you can build a fence on your property instead.


        Originally posted by YesAdam View Post
        Im not aware of any requirement for a fence. Perhaps you can build a fence on your property instead.
        People with dogs have a reponsibility to give them a suitable environment and keep them under control under various laws. See the RSPCA website.

        I take it you have asked them to build a fence?

        Really, it should be solid and high enough so that el doggo doesn't see things that will get it excited unnecessarily.

        If it becomes a real problem, it would be unfortunate were you to leave your gate open by mistake.

        Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


          Care to share the various laws, that require a fence and not supervision.

          I am not aware of any requirement for Fences, especially one that is high enough to dwarf a dog.


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          • Reply to Section 21 issued with new tenancy
            by ChrisDennison
            Of course not because a s21 notice is a private notice so nobody will know how many are issued in the country each day, and this would only change if all s21 notices would need to be centrally lodged (I can’t see that happen and can’t see a good reason for it either).

            18-09-2020, 13:07 PM
          • Section 21 issued with new tenancy
            by fmST1
            When a new tenant moves into a property, I get them to sign a section 21 so that if whatever reason things don’t work out, the necessary paperwork is already in place.
            I’ve never had a need to exercise this yet, but would it work?...
            11-09-2020, 08:43 AM
          • Reply to Housing First - what are your thoughts?
            by jpkeates
            The characteristics of the people you wish to home would be obvious red flags to most PRS landlords.
            I don't think you would be able to persuade me to risk the value of my property when the option to remove a problem tenant is, essentially, unavailable.

            I have only thought about this...
            18-09-2020, 13:02 PM
          • Housing First - what are your thoughts?
            by LandlordLiaisonOfficer

            I work for a homeless charity and I am hoping you don't mind me bending your ear and gaining some landlord insight on a model we are imminently implementing for some of our service users.

            Traditional housing models within the homeless sector require the service user...
            18-09-2020, 12:32 PM
          • Reply to Guarantor agreements
            by ChrisDennison
            I thought the whole point is that you don’t need to go to court to remove non-tenants? You simply get some burly friends and perform re-entry yourself?
            18-09-2020, 13:00 PM
          • Guarantor agreements
            by CHARLIEMAN
            Hi all,

            I am asking a prospective tenant to provide a guarantor and was wondering how the deed should be dated with regards to the term of the tenancy. The tenancy will be a 6 month assured shorthold agreement but I would want the guarantor to continue to act for the duration of the periodic...
            16-09-2020, 14:22 PM
          • Reply to Is a Form 6A required?
            by KTC
            How good are you at citing authorities and giving arguments on how your DIY form is "substantially to the same effect" to the prescribed form?

            Just use the form as prescribed.
            18-09-2020, 12:20 PM
          • Is a Form 6A required?
            by doorstop
            Hello all

            I've just been looking at a S21 validity checking flowchart from a well known Housing Law blog. It suggests that unless the S21 looks "exactly like the Form 6A", then it is invalid.

            However, the .gov website states that "In England, use form 6a if your...
            18-09-2020, 11:28 AM
          • Reply to Guarantor agreements
            by Lawcruncher
            Change "there's a reasonable chance that" to "it can be virtually guaranteed that"....
            18-09-2020, 12:15 PM
          • Reply to Guarantor agreements
            by jpkeates
            A problem would probably arise when the "special tenant" served notice and the actual occupants didn't move out.
            When the landlord goes to court to remove the trespassers, there's a reasonable chance that the court would choose to treat the "special tenant" as the sham it ...
            18-09-2020, 12:09 PM