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    Landlord uncontactable - until today


    I was wondering if someone could please help me out.

    I rented a flat and the contract ended on 22/08/2012. An estate agent close to the property showed me around the flat and sorted out my application but the landlord was a company located in another town (and it was the landlord that sorted out any problems).

    My contract states I need to give a months notice to vacate the property. As two e-mail address were provided and I'm very busy with work, I decided to e-mail the landlord as this is written notice. On 20/07/2012, I emailed the branch to let them know I wanted to move out. I got a "delivery failure - the recipients e-mail address was not found on the recipients e-mail system" email instantly back. I tried another e-mail address and made reference to previous e-mail, and got the same response. I also tried ringing but got no answer.

    I phoned the estates agents, who showed me around, and they stated that company and been bought by another and they were unsure who and said they would get to back to me, which they never. I then cancelled the standing order so no more payments would be made after 22/07/2012 (last payment date). I again phoned the estate agents asking, on 17/08/2012, if they have any information - and they stated that they still don't know who have bought the company and would get back to me and again they never.

    I then today got phone call from a woman at a company I've never heard of before asking why I haven't paid my rent. I explained I wanted to vacate the property but couldn't get through to anyone. She stated that they have sent a letter to "thousands" explaining the changes of ownership - which I never received. I asked if it was sent via recorded delivery and she replied no. She also said I'm the only one who has had problems contacting them and any phone calls/e-mails would have been diverted to their office. I explained that I had evidence that I had e-mailed, but she sounded like she didn't want to know. On top of that she said that I would to write to them with one months months notice to vacate the property but I would have to pay another months rent, which I don't see as fair as I've been unable to contact them to vacate sooner.

    Can anyone please help, I've started a new job and wont get paid till the end of next month.

    thanks in advance,

    Have you actually moved out of the property? Did you leave on or before the last day of the tenancy?

    If so, legally you need give no notice at all to leave when the fixed term ends. Obviously, it is courtesy to do so, but provided you pay rent up to the last day, and move out and return the keys before midnight that day, you can leave with no notice whatsoever.

    Are you still living there?


      I am living with my parents, I left a few days before my contract finished but am not sure who to give the keys to. I have the odd cleaning supplies there, but that would not be missed if I dont see them again.



        Your tenancy agreement shold have had an address for the service of documents - did it?

        LesleyAnne is correct about notice, but in your situation it would not have harmed writing to the address given a few days beforehand to ascertain what to do with the keys. Email is not written notice.

        However, if you weren't occupying the premises as your primary home at the expiry of the agreement, the tenancy ended, full stop.

        They may argue that without notice a 'periodic tenancy' came into being. You can point out that that is section 5 of the 1988 Housing Act, and that act only applies to Assured (shorthold) tenancies. Yours was no longer an AST as you did not "occupy the dwelling-house as his only or principal home" (section 1(1)(b) 1988 HA).


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