Lost job Yet 5 months on tenancy remaining

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    Lost job Yet 5 months on tenancy remaining

    I need to contact landlord to let him know I have been made redundant so I can no longer afford the rent. I have 5 months tenancy remaining.

    What is usually the process in an offer for the landlord. I am going to offer to pay him the reletting fees and 2 months rent. I am confident this property will relet quickly as it's in a highly desirable area and properties do rent quickly.

    I would appreciate further advice please.

    Many thanks

    Your offer sounds reasonable but be aware that he is under no obligation to accept it; he could choose to hold you liable to the contract until the end of your fixed term.

    Most LLs are reasonable, however.

    If the worst came to the worst, you might qualify for housing benefit to help pay your rent, or if it's a 2 bedroomed property, could you take a lodger?

    Good luck.
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      i would say that 2 months plus re-letting fees sounds a bit generous, given your predicament. Assuming you mean 2 months extra on top of the rent you will pay for as long as you stay in the property. i'd say a months rent should do it if indeed the property is easy to re-let and is in suitable condition to be re-let straight away
      All views posted reflect my personal opinion only and do not constitute professional advice which I am not qualified or knowledgeable enough to provide.


        Agree with MSaxp but also check ALL benefits you might be entitled to, including HB/LHA..

        Best wishes.. happening to lots of people currently, sorry..
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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