Death of tenant in property, advice needed re belongings etc??

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    Death of tenant in property, advice needed re belongings etc??

    A tenant has died in property this week.

    Obviously, there are belongings everywhere.

    Next of kin have been informed and have now come down to empty property. The tenant who passed away had no money to speak of and only had the belongings which were left in property, the next of kin also have very little money.

    The next of kin can not afford a funeral, so the cost will be borne by the local council, who have since been in contact with next of kin saying any belongings can not be removed, and that the council will come in and remove and sell belongings to cover costs of funeral.

    I would like advice if anyone has any experience of this situtaion.

    Should I prevent the next of kin removing anything? If I do, how long should I give council to clear? I am also owed a small amount of rent as it was paid to tenant on day of death, could council recall and pay me?

    Any advice greatly received.

    The council does not owe you the rent; the tenant's estate does.

    If the tenant dies penniless it is unlikely you will get the rent.

    Probably better to allow relatives to take anything small of personal/sentimental value and allow council to sell the rest.
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