Extension of tenancy that was previously with agent

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    Extension of tenancy that was previously with agent

    Hi board,

    My tenant is coming to the end of his tenancy (completes in 1mth, this is the first time I have been a landlord). He was sourced through an agent and wishes to extend directly through me (which I am happy with as it saves both of us fees).

    The tenant is initially intending to extend for a further 3 mths. I need some advise of how to proceed.

    Do I need to raise a fresh contract for the 3mths?

    The agent arranged the deposit & also the inventory... Whats the best way to handle the deposit side of things (i.e should this be returned to tenant, then send back to me under a scheme I set up, or transferred directly to a new scheme I set up or something different?).

    Is there anything else I need to be aware of that I haven't thought of with regards to the tenant wanting to extend for only a short period of time?

    Many thanks in advance for the advise

    If you grant your T a further fixed term AST the agent will almost certainly (unless he is a charity - unlikely - or a dimwit - possible, but rare where fees are concerned)) be after you for continuation fees. He will argue that because he found you the tenant, you owe him for any repeat tenancy agreements.

    The best option is to allow the tenancy to roll over into a Statutory Periodic one, for which no new contract is required (all the T & C of the old fixed term one will apply, except for notice periods).

    That way the agent cannot screw you (and probably the T as well), for more money.

    The deposit can stay where it is until the T eventually leaves.
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