Tenant will not meet to handover keys

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    Originally posted by hedgehog View Post
    I dont believe this but I have just checked my agreement (a friend had given it me) and it has the clause Notice by tenant - At any time after the expiry of the fixed term granted by this agreement the tenant can terminate the tenancy by giving the landlord one months notice in writing.

    So does that mean I have to wait another month before i can change the locks??or am I still ok to go in
    It is the standard term relating to notice by T in a SPT. I can only think that applies if and only if the T is still in residence at expiry of fixed term and a statutory periodc tenancy arises, as wm explains above. If he ends the tenancy (as yours has) by vacating at the end, there is no tenancy to give notice about, so it's inapplicable here.

    I wouldn't worry.
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