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    Newbie looking for advice


    I am really looking for some generic advice on becoming a landlord. My current situation is that I am living with my long term partner the mortgage is in his name and I help out with the bills etc. I have around £25k in savings and looking to invest in a buy to let property.

    I have a meeting with the bank this week to discuss the mortgage, for the property I am looking at the rent received each month (£550) will cover the mortgage payment of £300.

    Having looked on the forum I can see there can be many things that can go wrong and I just want to be pointed in the right direction to getting started more than anything. If someone can provide me with an 'essentials' list, 'Do's and Dont's' etc so I can do some research that would be helpful or just advice on how you got started that would be great.

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    If someone can provide me with an 'essentials' list, 'Do's and Dont's' etc
    The link below is a good guide for new landlords.


      We should really have one on this forum as a sticky.

      The question comes up time and time again.
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