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    After many years of renting several properties, I've only had 2 tenants complaining of damp. On each occasion I purchased a dehumififier (around £99 from Comet or Currys - can't remember for sure) and never heard another word. No, they didn't do a runner with the dehumidifier - they stayed on for some time - one couple still tenants of mine a year or two later.
    Very often it pays to act promptly and show consideration but it can be difficult sometimes judging how far to go.


      Originally posted by efk81 View Post
      I am disappointed about the level of mould growing on the ceiling in the bathroom and I have said they need to scrub it with bleach
      Far better to use this stuff actually: - extremely effective and certainly no need for 'scrubbing'.

      They have also taken down the glass shower screen but we have put a shower pole and curtain up. Am thinking though that she should replace the shower curtain as and when that goes mouldy too.
      Seems a very retrograde step to me: I always make a point of replacing shower curtains with screens in rentals, mainly because they are so prone to getting mildewy. But difficult if the existing shower screen wasn't keeping the water in the bath (why not though - I think you said you'd lived there and hence used it yourself?)


        I am going to get some of that Dettol stuff and I have provided anti-mould paint for the bathroom.

        The latest though, is she advised me today HB actually paid her some money last week, didn't send her a notification letter so she didn't know what this money was and spent it and can't pay it back in a one-er.

        She'll be getting her HB fortnightly from next week and has promised she will pay her HB plus top up and £50.00 a fortnight towards the arrears. I'm a bit put out as I am now out of pocket and am paying the mortgage. Alarm bells are really ringing now as although her reference checked out, there was a problem with getting the full deposit so we had to negotiate an arrangement around that and now she's in arrears after only 4 weeks in the property. Hmmmph.


          Please can the cash-fairy put some extra cash in my bank account?

          What is the matter with these idiots? Do they really think money just 'appears' in their bank for no reason?


            I've got a similar problem, and I think all future tenancy agreements will have a clause about keeping the property well ventilated. It's worth noting that building regs now do insist on extractor fan in bathrooms, and I'd consider having one built into a kitchen window as well. Having said that the tenants usually switch these off so still no guarantee it will solve the problem.


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