Heating not working properly since start of tenancy (5 months!)

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    Heating not working properly since start of tenancy (5 months!)

    I wonder if someone can help provide some answers...

    We moved into a new rental property on a 6m shorthold agreement in March and since we moved in have had issues with the heating which we notified to the LL within days of moving in (I believe past tenants must have just lived with it!).

    If the boiler is on, the heating will come on and apart from turning all radiators off the only way to turn off the heat is to turn the boiler off. This means we have no hot water - so for the last 5 months we've been living with having to turn the boiler on 15mins in advance to get hot water (OK for washing up in the evening but a pain at 6.30am!)

    LL has engaged a company to resolve the issue and they've been in a number of times, identifying problems and have changed one part (about 3 months ago). This hasn't resolved the issue and again we were quick to raise this with the LL.

    Since then, the plumbers have ordered manuals for the heating system and after an extremely long wait (about six weeks) and some further prompting from us they came to look at the issue again - manual in hand.

    They have now identified an issue with the electronics in the system and I have had confirmation from LL that he has instructed them to carry out the work. This was another 4-6 weeks ago though and I have heard nothing since.

    I am planning to contact the LL again this week but I'm getting frustrated with the situation. Do I have the right to claim compensation for the lack of properly working heating / hot water system for this period, or would it just be out of goodwill? If so, is there a set amount or would it be 'a reasonable value'?

    Is it a combination boiler?
    If so, there is no need to wait 15 minutes to get hot water.

    How much compo are you looking for?
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      have you notified Landlord (in calm & polite letter..) of the issues and your unhappiness?? If not, write asap..

      What losses have you incurred that you want compo 4??
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Can you identify what the landlord has not done, that you would have been able to achieve if you had been in his shoes?

        I accept the workmen seem to have been somewhat slow, but the landlord seems to have responded to problems in a prompt manner.


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