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    Problem Tenants

    First time user,

    I bought this property with tenants already in, I signed them up for a 6 month AST, during this period the top up fee was only part paid or sometimes never, also the house was slowly deteriorating, violent arguments, vandalism etc. I managed to come to an agreement with the tenants that if the arrears where brought up to date and the vandalism stopped I would grant a new 3 month AST. To their credit the arrears have been paid but the vandalism has continued to such a degree that the front door has been screwed to the door frame with numerous hinges making access impossible, rear door boareded up and secured from the inside, tenants belonings still in the house, neighbours thought thay habve moved out and telephone calls to them are not answered.At the time of the new 3 month AST I also gave them a Section 21 (4) (A) notice, the AST expires 4th March 05. My question, can I physically force entery and make secure the property and reposses or do I have to bide my time until the 4th March.

    Thanks for any help.

    no you cannot force them out. If they don't want to leave you will have to take them to court.

    If you are to go to court you will have to check that your notice has been given correctly and expires on the correct day.

    Why did you issue a 3 month AST instead of letting them go periodic ?

    What is the "top up fee" you talk about ?


      Thanks for the response Zoe,

      The top up fee relates to the difference the Housing Benefit pay and the actual monthly rent due, in regards to the 3 Month AST the reason I issued was an error on my part I misplaced the original copy and as a safety measure I had them sign and except a section 21 to coincide with the end of the AST.

      The reason I ask if I can re-enter the property know, the Tenant is in custody, I've since found out the Police performed a section 18 search on the property and it was the police who have smashed the door down and made secure.

      My question stays the same, can I re-enter the property as the Tenant is in custody yet his belongings are still in the house, the AST expires on the 4th March?



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