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    Tenant Reference Check

    I’m new to the forum, and would appreciate any advice, as we are in the process of letting a property at present and are using a letting agent.
    Two prospective tenants have applied through the agent to rent the property, they have completed the application process and the tenant check results have come back via the letting agent.

    One of the applicants has passed the tenant check however the second did not pass, (result was refer) the letting agent are saying we are ok to proceeded as one of the tenants has passed the check and he would be ok to rent the property on his own.
    I contacted the agent to request more information as to why the applicant who failed did indeed fail.
    Their response was that the only information form the tenant check that they could provide is if the result was a “pass” “refer” or “fail”

    My concerns are firstly how worried should I be that one of the tenants has not passed the credit check, and secondly, is this usually the quality of information that the LL receives as a result of a tenant check completed by a letting agent.
    My feelings are that is does not give enough information to assess a potential tenant and make a sound judgment as to their suitability, I understand that there will always be a certain element of risk with any new tenant, but the information provided by the agent could be better.

    I understand that online tenant checks are available; do these give more information than pass or fail??


    The checks that agents use are very similar to the online offers. The yes/no/maybe is a feature of many of the checks, all to do with DPA and confidentiality I suspect.

    However, it is up to you whether you accept the agents claim that the 'good' tenant would pass on his own - it is possible that his credit check was submitted on the basis he is only liable for 50% of the rent. The agents don't care, it is not them ho suffers most with a defaulting tenant, they just want their finder fee.

    If I was at all uncertain, I'd require a credit-checked guarantor.

    Ask the agent for copies of the tenants applicaion form and the information the agent gave to the referencing agency, they may throw more light on the subject. If they decline (DPA), ask the agents to request permission from the tenant to show you - on the basis that if they don't grant permission it's an automatic 'no'.


      Originally posted by bluestar-ale View Post
      I understand that online tenant checks are available; do these give more information than pass or fail??
      Well I use the RLA one - have a look a sample version. This gives you the raw information from which to base your decision; it does also provide a 'score' from 0-999, and lists the % likelihood that a tenant with a given score will default on rent payments. No 'pass' or 'fail' as such - you make up your own mind based on what you're given.

      I don't use agents - they will have their own procedures and it's difficult for them to be subjective, so they'll have more need to adhere to a score.


        Originally posted by whalster
        Have you met your prospective tenants yet ? get a gut feeling for them ? An agent won't do this they are just mechanical
        The best letting agent you can get looks at you in the mirror in the mornings
        Nope, not met them, the agent conducted the viewings, My preference would have been to let the property ourselves rather than use an agent, we are new to lettings and wanted some form of security from using a reputable lettings agent, the dealings we have had with the agent so far have not been positive, and we are yet to get a tenant in the property.



          If the deaalings with your agent have not been positive while they are trying to get your business what do you think they will be like when they have got you by the short and curlies?

          Is there any reason why you cant instruct another letting agent in parallel? If you are able to do this be open with each agent about it - tell your current agent you are also going with agent B because you are unhappy with their service so far, tell your new agent you are going with them because you are unhappy with agent A.



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