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    Which tenant to choose ?

    We have always used agents but this time we got many
    private offers and not sure who to choose. There is a couple -each of them earns 2k below credit check recommendation. There is a single guy who also earns 2k too little and
    he actually offers to pay more...prob a guarantor is needed.. We like the couple -would a guarantor be required for them?

    Better to have 2 wage earners ( couple ) than one wage earner. (single )

    I can't see how two people working would not be able to pay your rent.
    Unless your rent is so high that the average couple, both working could
    not afford your rent.

    It would be strange to ask for a guarantor for a working couple.
    On paper, I don't earn, but I get to rent a house, for one, with no
    guarantor, but to be fair, I do show them my savings account, which
    brings on a look of surprise.

    do the combined wages of the couple add up to 3 times the monthly
    rent ? , as I think that is a benchmark to aim for.



      Firstly, I would always go with your gut instinct. What is on paper is sometimes only worth the paper it is written on. A tenant with the best credit check in the world can be a tenant from hell.
      If you have a couple both earning then I agree with R.a.M you usually have the safety net of your rent getting paid.
      As a landlord you do not have a legal obligation to get a guarantor it is completely at your discretion but for peace of mind you may wish to get it. As a landlord you should always cover your back as much as possible.

      I personally use my gut instinct first then do reference and credit checks. Just wanted to say (even though it doesn't make it right/wrong) I have never used wages = 3 times monthly rent.
      Good luck, hope it all works out well for you :-)


        As to whether a guarantor is required - that is your choice.
        Can they provide a guarantor? Are you willing to let to the couple without the protection a guarantor offers?

        Who has specified the recommended income? What is it?

        If either of the 2 can offer a larger deposit, then that would help their case in my mind.


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