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    Advice required about UK Guarantor

    Hi, I'm looking for a property to rent and the agency mentioned that depending on the credit check result it might be necessary to have a UK Guarantor; I'm wondering is it always the prerequisite in the UK Tenant Law or there's another option. As I'm moving from different country to study I'm not familiar with this, and don't know anyone in the UK.

    Please, advice, in relation to this matter. Thanks.

    The decision on whether to request a guarantor is usually made by the LL if the credit check on the tenant is insufficient. If you are a student and moving from overseas, it is quite likely a LL would want a guarantor. Look at it from the landlord's side - Would you let a complete stranger, who is not resident in this country, take a tenancy on your property if the could not prove their ability to pay the rent on a regular basis? The landlord needs some security that should you default on the rent and disappear back home, he will have someone in the UK to chase for the arrears and any damage you may leave. You know you are a good, reliable person who would not dream of damaging the property or leaving owing money, but if the LL cannot get proof of this on paper, you may find it very hard to convince them to let to you. Even UK based students are often asked to provide a guarantor as LLs fear they may not treat the property well, or be responsible enough to keep up with their rent payments - students often have other priorities for their money .

    The only other option would be to offer a considerable portion of the rent in advance. Would you be in a position to provide 6-12 months rent at the start of the tenancy?


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